IndiGo abolishes fuel charge on tickets amidst falling ATF prices
IndiGo abolishes fuel charge on tickets amdist falling ATF prices (Photo/ Mint)

Agency: IndiGo, the airline, has opted to eliminate the fuel charge previously imposed on tickets, a measure implemented in October 2023 due to a surge in jet fuel prices. The decision to remove this charge comes as a result of a recent reduction in Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) prices. IndiGo emphasized its adaptability by expressing its commitment to adjusting fares and components in response to fluctuations in ATF prices and market conditions.

This move holds significance for passengers as the fuel charge impacted both domestic and international routes. Given that fuel costs constitute a substantial portion of operational expenses for airlines, the removal of this charge reflects the company’s responsiveness to changes in the economic landscape. IndiGo’s decision to cease collecting the fuel charge demonstrates a proactive approach to managing costs and ensuring competitiveness in a dynamic aviation industry.
(Courtesy: The Indian Express)