Unveiling Ukhrul’s Library: A literary hub in the Community
Unveiling Ukhruls' Library at Phungyo Baptist Church.

TMB Report

In a noteworthy leap toward promoting literacy and nurturing a passion for reading, the Ukhrul Public Library was officially inaugurated on Wednesday. Housed within the Phungyo Baptist Church in Ukhrul town, this collaborative effort between the church and generous anonymous Tangkhul donors aims to create a welcoming space for avid readers without membership fees or strict return dates.

Operating from 11 am to 3 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, the library promises to be a haven for book enthusiasts, catering to diverse interests and age groups.

This initiative not only underscores a dedication to education within the community but also highlights the impactful collective contributions of local entities. The absence of membership fees ensures inclusive access to literature, breaking down economic barriers. Readers can explore the library’s collection without the pressure of timely returns, fostering a relaxed and enjoyable reading experience.

Local residents have expressed enthusiasm about the new library, viewing it as a valuable addition to the town’s cultural and educational landscape. As communities recognize the significance of accessible resources for intellectual growth, the Ukhrul Public Library emerges as a commendable endeavor toward realizing this vision.

Positioned strategically at Phungyo Baptist Church, the library aspires to be a hub for intellectual exchange, community gatherings, and the cultivation of a vibrant reading culture.