Mass protest decries murder of Seigunlal
Mass protest

TMB Correspondent 

Kangpokpi: After the JAC, village authority, and many other civil society organizations denounced the drug peddler tag upon the slain Seigunlal Misao, the juvenile’s College and his classmates came out strongly against the outlawed militant NRFM allegations on Wednesday. 

The governing body, teaching faculties, non-teaching staff, and the student fraternity of Damdei Christian College including the classmates of Seigunlal Misao held a sit-in-protest near the roadside of the National Highway – 2 from 11:30 am till 1:00 pm the afternoon today, strongly denouncing the brutal murder of Seigunlal Misao on March 25 evening.

The protestors in the sit-in-protest held placards and shouted slogans such as, “we strongly reject the baseless allegation”, “we stand because we care”, “book the culprits”, “allegations after killing is unacceptable”, “Seigunlal Misao is innocent”, “punish those in the barbaric killing”, “student life matter”, “killing student is a heinous crime”, “stop this act of terrorism”, “we want justice”, “book the culprits”, etc.

Speaking to the media, Y. Somananda Singh, Academic Dean of Damdei Christian College, who had been serving in the college for more than 30 years blatantly refuted the drug peddler tag upon Seigunlal Misao by the outlawed militant NRFM and termed the allegation as a challenge to the educational sector, and the student fraternity of the state.

Rejecting the NRFM allegations 100 out of 100, the Academic Dean also said that the whole college authority, teaching faculties, non-teaching staff, and the student fraternity of the college know very well how obedience, honest, and talented Seigunlal Misao was during two years of his college life in the college. 

He also vehemently condemned the baseless allegation of NRFM stating that it was very unfortunate that the militant outfit after committing a brutal crime leveled a groundless allegation upon the victim.

He maintained that the culprits must rather come out with the fact as to why they had to commit such an unpardonable crime upon the innocent student. 

If it was a mistake, boldly claimed it was a mistake but don’t simply put a baseless allegation upon such an innocent student merely to cover up a heinous crime, he asserted.

The Academic Dean further said that the deceased Seigunlal Misao attended his class regularly, was very obedient, and has no record or complaint over his morality while maintaining that any civilized and like-minded individual will never believe or accept the baseless allegation.

He also said that tagging unacceptable and baseless allegations after committing a brutal crime upon an innocent student is not only an unfortunate incident but a challenge to the state education sector and the student fraternity and therefore the state Government must act accordingly to book the culprits not only to prevail justice but also save the education sector and student fraternity from such a menacing act.

Meanwhile, Seigunlal Misao’s classmate K. Sennu Lhouvum who took part in the sit-in protest said that Seigunlal Misao was a kindhearted man and never indulged in such activities related to drugs and other substances. 

Visibly annoyed Sennu Lhouvum vehemently negated the allegation of the NRFM and shouted that we will never ever accept being accused of him as a drug peddler because he was never even related to it.

She also said that the main factor for the sit-in-protest is to stand by the innocence of Seigunlal Misao as we don’t accept the tag level against him while he was very much innocent.

The deceased senior at the college, Haominthang Sitlhou maintained that the allegation leveled against our brother Seigunlal Misao is completely and totally false and baseless as everyone in the college knew him to be a good and bright student, apart from being the only hope and good son of his poor parent.

Now, the big question is as to why the Government and the authority concerned failed to book the culprits when they have already claimed openly their hands on the brutal killing of our brother Seigunlal Misao, wondered Haominthang and questioned the sincerity and commitment of the Government and the authority concerned.

Above all, he had successfully completed his study course recently and his contributions during his stay in the college were commendable, he added.

The College Principal also pointed out that Seigunlal Misao came from an economically backward family who always struggles to clear his academic fees on time and it is completely a shock to learn that a drug peddler tag was leveled against him after he was brutally killed and wondered as to how can a student who always struggle to pay his college fee to be a drug peddler. 

He further said that the brutal act of killing Seigunlal Misao deserved outright condemnation from all sections of society and the NRFM should come forward and give a satisfactory explanation otherwise their act will be treated as a terrorist act.

The Principal also appealed to the state Government and other authorities concerned on behalf of the college governing body, teaching faculties, non-teaching staff, and the student fraternity to expatriate all possible means to nab the culprit at the earliest and award appropriate punishment as per the law.