6 Liqour salesman, 42 users arrested in Pologround Raid
6 Liqour salesman

TMB Report
Imphal: Imphal West Police Commando conducted a surprise raid at the different hotels/shops located at Polo Ground area, Paona Keithel and arrested as many as six Liquor vendors, 42 liquor users along with
huge consignment of IMFL and DIC liquors.
According to police, on Wednesday at about 6.30 pm, teams of Imphal West Commando led by Inspector P. Achouba Meetei, OC-CDO-I/W under the command of M. Amit Singh, MPS, Addl. SP.(Ops) IW and under the overall supervision of Imphal West SP, Dr. S. Ibomcha Singh, MPS, conducted random checking at the different hotels/shops located at Polo Ground area, Paona Keithel.
During the raid, huge consignment of IMFL(Indian made foreign liquor) and DIC liquors could be recovered from different Wine shops in the area. Police picked up as many as six salesmen from the Wine shops.
The arrested liquor vendors have been identified as Gairu Riamei (35yrs.) S/o. R. John of New Keithelmanbi (Salesman of the wine shop at Polo Ground owned by Khamba), Robinson Maring (24 yrs.) S/o. Roshan Maring of Phunal Maring, Thoubal District (Salesman of wine shop at Polo Ground owned by Boicha), Ningthoujam Premjit Singh (26 yrs.) S/o. N. Nongal Singh of Phayeng (Salesman of the wine shop at Polo Ground owned by Ingojao), Soyam Deben Singh (60 yrs.) S/o. (L) S. Kunjarashi Singh of Polo Ground Maning (Owner of the wine shop), Alung Pamei (19 yrs.) S/o. Tadui Pamei of Tousem, Tamenglong District (Salesman of the wine shop at Polo Ground owned by Tomba) and Nongmeikapam Rabichandra
Singh (53 yrs.) S/o. (L) N. Chaoba Singh of Singjamei Kshetri Leikai (Salesman of the wine shop at Polo Ground owned by Laishram Ibemhal).
The seized liquored items includes Old Monk Rum (750 ml) (6 bottles), Old Monk Rum (375 ml) ( 3 bottles), Old Monk Rum (180 ml) (6 bottles), Mc Dowell’s No.1 (375 ml) ( 5 bottles), Mc Dowell’s No.1 (180 ml) (13 bottles), Royal Stag (750 ml) (2 bottles), Royal Stag (375 ml) (2 bottles), Royal Stag (180 ml) (11bottles), OC Blue (750 ml) (2 bottles), OC Blue (375 ml) ( 1 bottle), OC Blue (180 ml) ( 6 bottles), Royal Challenge (375 ml) (2 bottles), Royal Challenge (180ml) ( 2 bottles), Blender’s Pride (375 ml) (1 bottle), Blender’s Pride (180 ml) ( 4 bottles), Sterling Reserve B7 (375 ml) (3 bottles), Scholar (180 ml), Iconiq White (180 ml), Oaksmith (180 ml), AC Black (180 ml), Royal Green (180 ml), Magic Moment (375 ml), Magic Moment (180 ml), Oppa (360 ml), Corona Extra (355 ml), Breezer (275 ml), Kingfisher (500 ml), Tuborg (500 ml), Myanmar Beer (500 ml), Chang (500 ml), Old Monk Beer (500 ml), Budweiser (500 ml), DIC Liquor (1litre) (27 bottles), DIC Liquor (1/2 litre) (29 bottles) and DIC Liquor (plastic packet) ( 40 litres).
The seized items and persons have been handed over to Lamphel Excise for further process. Police also picked up 42 persons who were consuming the liquors in the shop and handed over to City PS for further process. On the other hand, Police has busted a liquor factory which allegedly manufactured IMFL liquor using chemicals that seriously affects human health.
During the search operation several huge number of items could be seized. The seized items include full bottles of 750 ml Old Monk bottles counted as 8 cases, Half bottles containing 375 ml having 10 caeses, 37 nos. of cartoon boxes of empty bottles , 44 bundles of cartoon boxes, 14 nos. of Empty gallons used for preparing illegal liquor, 4 nos. of water jar , one no. of plastic water container Red colour , One silver water container, 3 nos. of gunny bags containing plastic cap which was used to fit at the bottles, 3 plastics jar containing suspected to be used as chemical of the IMFL illegal liquor, One roll of sticker marked as Mc Dowell’s used for trademark.
The main accused person was not found at home. However, the involved family members namely Thokcham (o) Bino Devi, 60 years W/o Late Th. Nokul Singh and Thokchom (o) Achoubi Devi, 40 years W/o Th. Bobo Singh of Khongjom Maning Leikai were detained at the Police station for further formalities.