Ex-Corporator vouches for clean water bodies
Former Corporator of IMC Ward No. 18 Laimayum Inunganbi

TMB Report
Imphal: Former Corporator of IMC Ward No. 18 Laimayum Inunganbi fervently appealed to the people in every locality to keep water bodies clean, emphasising on the role of the public to maintain a clean, healthy and developed society.
She made the appeal while attending a three-day cleanliness drive of Takhel Khong which holds historical importance and its surrounding areas, in collaboration with Bramhapur Social Club, Bamon Leikai; Anganwadi workers and Meira Paibis of surrounding localities.
Inunganbi asserted that cleanliness and development can be brought when each and everyone of us have a sense of belonging, inhibit work culture and abstain from dumping garbage, waste products and plastic bottles in the drains and nearby water bodies.
She maintained that it is not only the responsibility of the government to keep every locality, drain and water body clean. There is an apparent need for the people to shoulder equal responsibility and keep their surroundings clean, she observed.
She observed that many areas in the heart of the city faced flash floods during rainfall mainly due to dumping of waste products and other waste products in drains, thus preventing proper flow of water. She also urged the people to store their waste properly and hand over it ttowaste collection services for proper disposal.
The ex-Corporator recalled that water from Takhel Khong was used for cooking and drinking purposes in the past but now it has been highly polluted due to human activities which is quite regrettable.
She mentioned that people of Takhel Khong have been facing acute water in recent months but the problem could have been eased to some extent had the people kept the water found in the area clean and unpolluted .
She appealed to the local clubs, Meira Paibis and others concerned to jointly work together in keeping the surrounding water bodies and drains clean for a pollution free, clean and developed society.
The launching of the cleanliness drive was also attended by former Ward Members Ningombam Imochabi and RK Manorama. Tree saplings were also planted in the surrounding areas as part of the cleanliness drive.