WVABYF unites ten villages in celebration
Villagers attired in traditional clothing

TMB Report
Imphal: The Western Valley Area Baptist Youth Fellowship (WVABYF) orchestrated a momentous celebration at Thungcheng Baptist Church, bringing together residents from ten neighboring villages.

Under the theme “Advent of the Anointed One” (Gal. 4:4), the event drew attendees from Thungcheng, Khambathel, Khumhring, Ngamkhu, Tokpaching, B-Unopat, Banghring, B-Wangkhera, Shangreiphung, and Beru Khudam, exemplifying the unity within the Anal Naga Baptist Association (ANBA).

Thungcheng Baptist Church, serving as the host venue, played a pivotal role in facilitating an atmosphere of shared spirituality and cultural enrichment. As the cornerstone of the fellowship’s commitment to unity, Thungcheng set the stage for an event that transcended individual villages and embraced a collective sense of purpose.

Representatives from the ten villages contributed to the success of the day, presenting a rich tapestry of cultural diversity.

Attired in traditional clothing, the villagers added an authentic touch to the cultural segment of the program, showcasing the ANBA community’s commitment to preserving and celebrating its heritage.

The intersection of cultural extravaganza and religious sessions resonated deeply with attendees, fostering a sense of community and shared identity.

The praise and worship team from the WVABYF filled the air with melodious hymns, serving as a unifying force that transcended cultural differences and reaffirmed the common faith shared by the ANBA community.