RIMS equipped with rTMS machine
RIMS equipped with rTMS machine

TMB Report

Imphal: A ‘Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) Machine’ has been installed at the Department of Psychiatry, RIMS, Imphal.

Prof. H Priyoshakhi Devi, Director, RIMS formally inaugurated the machine in the presence of Prof. N. Sanjib Singh, Medical Superintendent, RIMS Hospital, Imphal , Prof. Brogen Singh Akoijam Dean (Academic) RIMS, Imphal & Dr. S. Gojendra Singh, Associate Professor & HOD Department of Psychiatry, RIMS, Imphal along with the faculty members as well as students of the Department of Psychiatry and staffs of RIMS, Imphal.

Dr. S. Gojendra Singh claimed that RIMS is  the first government hospital to install an rTMS Machine in the entire North East India.

On the benefits of using an rTMS machine, he assured the newly installed machine will aid in the treatment of patients suffering from Depression, stroke, OCD, insomnia and other mental conditions. He also mentioned the cost of rTMS treatment per session in a private institution will be ranging from 5000-6000. However, RIMS is considering to provide the service for a relatively lower amount or for free to the general public.

Former HOD Dr RK Lenin thanked the authorities for hearing the department’s plea and successfully installing the rTMS machine, stating it shall help in more effective treatments to patients as well as in research purposes to the students. He also addressed the need for infrastructure development of the Psychiatry ward.

Speaking on the formal function held at Dr. Kamal Hall, Department of Psychiatry, RIMS, Imphal, Prof. H. Priyoshakhi Devi acknowledged the Department of Psychiatry for their impeccable services despite having less faculty members in the Department. She further pledged to consult the authorities and act on upgrading the Psychiatry ward to a remarkable standard as soon as possible