JNIMS Dental College students stage protest
Students of Dental Col- lege JNIMS staged a protest at JNIMS on Tuesday

TMB Report


Students of Dental College JNIMS staged protest at JNIMS on Tuesday as the JNIMS authority reduced the number of paid JR (Junior Resident) from 13 to 4.

Representative of Outgoing intern, Dental College lamented the reduction in the number of paid JR which was 13 to be reduced by JNIMS authority. The students stated that a dental college has also been opened and rather than choosing from their own students and increasing the number of seats for paid JR, the authority has reduced it. The students lamented the decision of the JNIMS authority.

The students appealed to the authority to select the paid JR from the college and increase the number of seats as it will also increase the experience of the outgoing intern of six months and those upcoming interns will also have the opportunity to learn after their internship.