Ibobi flays ‘brutal’ police raid at Popilal’s house
Ibobi flays 'brutal' police raid at Popilal's house

TMB Report

Imphal: Former Chief Minister and CLP leader Okram Ibobi has strongly condemned the alleged excesses committed by police during the raid conducted at the residence of Manipur Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) President N Popilal at Phayeng, terming it uncivilised.

A team of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) on Wednesday visited the residence of Popilal at Phayeng and extended condolences on the demise of Popilal’s grandmother. MPCC President Keisham Meghachandra Singh, CWC Member and former Deputy CM Gaikhangam, MLA Khundrakpam AC Th. Lokeshwar Singh, MLA Sugnu AC Kangujam Ranjit also took part in the visit.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of the visit, Ibobi said that a heated exchange of words normally occurs during political debate and such similar incidents have been occurring from time to time and will continue in the future too.

Terming the physical assault on BJP Spokesperson Sureshkumar and a member of the party by some unknown people days after the discussion very unfortunate, Ibobi said that the facts and circumstances of the incident can be ascertained if the present government conducts proper investigation into the incident.

The government has everything – power, law enforcement agencies etc. Now they might have received some clues or evidence about the culprits involved. If any member of the Congress party happens to carry out such an attack, the party will condemn it in the strongest terms, he said.

He further said that if the Congress youth leader is found involved in the incident, the concerned police station could ask him to come to the police station or call him politely.

Popilal will definitely come. But deployment of a large number of police personnel like a war at Popilal’s house made his panicked grandmother fall unconscious and led to her death. It is an uncivilised act, he contended, adding that the Congress does not believe in such violent acts.

Ibobi consoled Popilal not to get disheartened, saying that crores of Congress workers are solidly behind him.

He prayed to the Almighty for the departed soul to rest in peace in the heavenly abode and shared the grief to the bereaved family members and relatives.

Ibobi said the Congress party has no fear for anyone because the party has done nothing wrong to anybody.

MPCC President Meghachandra said that a series of attacks have been carried out against MPCC leaders and youth Congress leaders on different occasions in the wake of the TV discussion.

The youth Congress leader has done nothing wrong. We have CCTV footage as evidence, he said, questioning what more evidence the police department or government wants.

He urged the State Government to intervene in the matter because the grandmother of the Congress youth leader expired as fallout of the incident. The Congress party felt disappointed that the present government remains as a mute spectator till now, he added.

He demanded the government and the police department to give a clarification and withdraw the FIR and false allegations made against Popilal.

Popilal’s grandmother died due to police action, the MPCC chief said, questioning who will take the onus for the death.