Security services seeing exponential growth: Ranjan
Union Minister of State for Education & External Affairs Dr RK Ranjan

TMB Report
Imphal: Conceding that the private security industry has come out to be a shining industry in India, Union Minister of State for Education & External Affairs Dr RK Ranjan noted that security services has seen an exponential growth in demand over the recent decades, as we liberalised almost each and every sectors in our economy.

Addressing the North East Security Education and Global Employability Conclave held at Agartala on Monday, Dr RK Ranjan stated that the private security industry is often quoted as a good example for employment generation, for being labour intensive, as the industry relatively needs only basic skills, which he felt is a misnomer.

He explained that modern security is a hybrid and hi-tech with the use of electronic gadgets and devices that act as force multipliers and going into the future, for any service provider to be efficient and fool-proof, technology will have to be adapted.

We will need skilled manpower to fully leverage technology, to make our security providers internationally efficient, competitive and the whole industry sustainable. This will be the foremost requirement, especially if we hope to exploit international markets, he stated, calling upon the industry to examine this minutely.

The Union Minister maintained that Private Security Service providers act as force multipliers in securing community and economy and that adaptation of technology within this industry, will go a long way in increasing the multiplier effect on our overall security.

Foreseeing a shortage of trained security service providers when technology adaptation in this industry is taken into consideration, he asserted that the industry should take a lead in filling these gaps-by training, skilling, re-skilling and quality control.

He expressed hope that during capacity building exercises and standardisation processes, Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) will work in this aspect as well.

Dr RK Ranjan stated that CAPSI’s work in building international collaborative networks through a network of MoU’s with international partners is also noteworthy.

Working relationships with international partners are a must, if we are to create openings and opportunities for our youth in the international market. Needless to say, the next big opportunity for the industry is in successfully exploiting the international opportunities, he added.

The Union Minister conveyed that CAPSI, as an umbrella body, represents over ten million private security professionals and works for their welfare and standards of the industry. For the Indian private security industry to remain competitive, it is needless to highlight the importance of high standards and certifications, he averred.

He stated that trust and confidence of the clients are the two key words for success in any industry, more so in this business of security. It was not very long ago that trust and confidence in particular service providers was by and large based on word of mouth, he added.

He also observed that from the perspective of your clientele, the industry should be shaped on a robust transparent platform, which should help facilitate the process of generating “trust and confidence” of the clientele.

In this regard, CAPSI’s Work with the Quality Council of India for Star Rating Scheme; your ongoing work with the Bureau of Indian Standards for setting standards for the industry are noteworthy, he stated.