RK Ranjan underlines subtle science of Yoga
RK Ranjan underlines subtle science of Yoga

TMB Report

Imphal: Asserting that the world has always looked up to India when it faces some challenge to which humanity or science doesn ‘t have an answer, Union Minister of State for Education & External Affairs Dr RK Ranjan Singh stressed that at a time when people everywhere face tremendous pressures in their daily lives, there is a great need to introduce to the world the subtle science of Yoga which everyone can use not just to achieve physical well-being but also to learn a better way of living by developing the ability to make more enlightened choices in their life.

The Union Minister was speaking at “3E Education: Exploring, Experiential, Empowering” programme for educators organised by Brahma Kumaris, Om Shanti Retreat Centre at Gurgaon on Saturday.

He stated that science may have an answer to many phenomena of the physical world, but spirituality has answers to all that is happening and going to happen in this world and when it comes to India, it is the spiritual leaders like the Brahma Kumaris who are looked up to.

He stated that education is not just about being able to read, write, and do arithmetic. More than that it is about communicating with and understanding the world around us, which begins with knowing, understanding and managing the selt successfully, he added.

Dr RK Ranjan noted that a good education gives us new skills, helps broaden our horizon, gain a better perspective, and teaches us to think independently. All of these things give us the confidence to explore new areas of knowledge, experiment with new ideas, innovate, and thereby grow from the experience we gain, he added.

He maintained that exploring new areas of knowledge is vital for enhancing our personal capacity and evolving to a better state, as otherwise we can become complacent, lazy and inert.

He stated that human evolution has been possible only because of the willingness and courage of individuals and societies to explore the world around them, devise better ways of doing things, and improve the quality of human life.

The experience gained from such exploration boosts our confidence and guides us in our future endeavours, thereby serving as a stepping stone for further progress, he stated.

It is the learning and the irrefutable authority that comes from experience that empowers us. Theoretical knowledge can be questioned in the absence of experience, but the authority of experience cannot be challenged, the Union Minister continued.

He also stated that such experiential education is the need of the hour to create a generation of confident, empowered youth who can serve society and the nation.