ITLPC condemns eviction at Macheng, Pantinlong

TMB Report

Imphal: Indigenous Tribal Land Protection Committee while contending that indigenous people have the right to settle whatever they want has strongly condemned the eviction of some families at Macheng and Pantinlong. 

Talking to media in a press conference held at the community hall of community hall of Tarung Village, President of Indigenous People Forum Manipur, Asang Kasar stated that the midnight eviction of some families at Macheng and Pantinlong is strongly condemnable. He said that those families possessed the court order however, the eviction was carried out. He questioned if the government is following the rule of law and has left the people in confusion whether they should follow the law of Indian constitution or take up actions illegally.

Stating that the Nagas, Rongmei, Kabui, Tangkhul other communities are indigenous people of the state, he questioned why the eviction was carried out in the settlement areas of indigenous communities. He said that indigenous people have the right to stay anywhere and the government must not just carry out eviction at any time which it is not an initiative to save the indigenous people of the state.

He said that eviction of families at Macheng and Pantinlong is strongly condemned by CSOs of Naga and if such inhuman eviction carries out further in the indigenous people, the Naga CSOs will take up various forms of revolt and agitation without Meiteis. He said that the indigenous community settling in the valley have been brought from a Meitei and questioned why only those settling in this areas are evicted and why those concerned Meiteis are not arrested.

Questioning why areas settled by indigenous tribal people have been evicted, he questioned the motive of the government and the agenda behind this eviction. He believed it is a threat to destroy the state into two and stated that even if eviction is necessary, table talk must be carried out first and after a resolution, the eviction must be carried out.

He said that compensation must be given immediately to the families and must be given alternative settlement. He said that various CSOs have resolved to face any consequences any unwanted actions in the future.

 President of Indigenous Tribal Land Protection Committee, Jangamlung Panmei questionioned the rule of law in the state and lamented targeting tribal villages in the name of forest protection and reserved forest. He appealed to abide by the rule of law whether it may be development or protection of reserved forest. 

He said that even if the families are evicted they must be given reallocation through a humanly approach and proper compensation must be given. He said that these families are not refugees but indigenous people of the state. 

 He also lamented on the recent demolition of three Churches in Checkon and stated that whether it may be temple, Church or mosque, they are a place for moral approach.