YUCO threatens stir over NB College impasse
YUCO threatens stir over NB College impasse

TMB Report

Imphal: The Youth Upliftment Coordination Organisation (YUCO) has threatened to launch a series of democratic agitations if the concerned authorities fail to bring an amicable to the crisis in Naorem Birahari College, Khundrakpam.

Talking to reporters at Manipur Press Club on Tuesday, YUCO Publicity Secretary Th. Bipin Singh said that a joint meeting held on December 17 last year between the organisation and 22 senior teachers discussed the present various issues plaguing the college and the senior teachers of the college also handed over various related documents of the college to the organisation.

He conveyed that for the second time, on December 23 last, YUCO invited the Secretary of GB of the college N. Thoiba, who is still holding the post due to controversy, discussed various problems of the college in which various college documents were also submitted by him (Thoiba) to the organisation.

He said that with the objective of bringing an amicable solution over the various problems in the college through a joint meeting, YUCO invited U Dijen, who claimed to be a Secretary of GB on December 29, 2022 but failed to attend the meeting and for the second time YUCO invited but failed again to turn up for the meeting.

He questioned why U. Dijen failed to give cooperation to the organisation. As such the issue has worsened. He conveyed that as per investigation of YUCO and reliable source from various documents, its organisation has got some clue evidence.

YUCO has got some evidence that some teachers of the college have been appointed through back dated DPC process. Most of the teachers appointed by way of back dated occurred in the last part of 2019, he claimed.

When the college turned into Aided College in December, 2016, there were only 85 employees, out of which many employees have quitted. He said that at present, there are 321 employees in total in the college, out of which 128 are teaching staff and 122 are non-teaching staff which were appointed against the guidelines.

The employees that received salary on payroll is only 67 employees. How the college will pay salary to all the employees with that small amount of grant given by the government, Bipin asked.

On the other hand, YUCO came across some documents of the college that when N. Thoiba was a Secretary of GB of the college, he recruited vacant employees as per guidelines of the Education Code 1982 by conducting DPC.

During his tenure, there were 168 employees, out of that, 38 were teaching staff and 58 were non-teaching staff, he said.

He said that the 17 posts which were sanctioned in the college after conversion to aided college were unable to convert into “By Name” due to appointment of many employees by violating rules, failing to list seniority list by GB and unable to intervene timely by the education department, said Bipin.

Amidst the present controversy, a GB led by U. Dijen issued a suspension order of 11 employees including 10 senior teachers and one assistant librarian on November 10, 2022 and on January 25, 2023, issued a suspension order for seven employees including some teachers who are to retire after two years.

In connection with the matter of the college, YUCO on January 11 of this month submitted a memorandum to the Education Minister which included five different charters of demand which the education minister assured to fulfil within 15 days but action has been taken up till date. For the second time, a representative of Khundrakpam AC Th. Lokeshwar Singh, who was the Chairman of GB before the college converted into aided college submitted a memorandum copy to the Education Minister to take up some initiative in which EM assured to intervene in the matter to save the only higher institute of Khundrakpam, Bipin said.

He appealed to the concerned authorities to intervene to the matter and bring an amicable solution at the earliest or else face series of democratic agitations.