Let us work toward peace by adopting a different perspective.
Laimayum Bashanta Sharma, Spokesperson, BJP, Manipur Pradesh

Imphal: To create peace through recognized democratic institutions and customs, there should be checks and balances that represent all parties. We profoundly implore all relevant authorities to ensure that our state security forces are equipped to deal with any circumstance that might endanger the state’s stability and law. There has never before been a public release of a senior police officer’s official, confidential private letter of intent, or “LOI.” It is a serious matter that needs to be looked into thoroughly because this is a breach of privacy. Please ensure that the justifiable concerns of the Manipur police, who serve as representatives of all communities within our state, are taken seriously.

Rather than inciting a warlike atmosphere, it is past time for the youth of the state to take up campaigns related to cleanliness and civic awareness in support of the Swach Bharat Abhiyan. Since trash is piling up everywhere, we should be responsible for keeping our community clean rather than depending solely on the municipality. We continue to hold the government accountable for everything. In times of conflict, it is our duty to offer free tutorials all around the state to students who are struggling to complete their academic year because they are not getting enough time to finish the curriculum because of frequent class stoppages that extend beyond the allotted number of days due to law and order-related issues and internet bans.

Widespread extortions have damaged public trust, so the government must monitor these unethical activities. Folks claimed that instead of being afraid of corrupt police during the Congress regime when they went out with money, they were now afraid of unidentified armed miscreants robbing people in broad daylight or at night.

Those who are supposed to live in designated camps should not be allowed to parade in public on convoys that resemble an army flag march. The mass hiring and maintenance of cadres and staff requires substantial financial resources. The necessity-driven need for money will lead to donation drives. If donation drives are conducted excessively, they are seen as extortion. The normalization of extortion would be detrimental to maintaining law and order.

Owning a LATHIS does not provide one with personal defense in a society where gun culture is rampant, which is why I am a staunch advocate of removing the limitations on the ownership of legally licensed firearms.

It should be noted that neither Meira Paibis nor any other Leikai club should consent to their leikai being used as a test site for MOB justice. A MOB representing one leikai entering another leikai without permission is becoming commonplace as a show of strength. Eventually, this will lead to a conflict between mobs.

I genuinely think that the right to free speech should never be discouraged, provided that it is exercised in a way that respects the feelings of others, because I am a journalist. Any harsh action the government takes against a journalist is always interpreted by the public as harassment or manipulation. As long as the accusations or criticisms are not sensitive or propaganda that could endanger national security, criticism, condemnation, and complaints from any rival or adversary are acceptable in a democratic society. As Prime Minister, Modi Ji can accept unrelenting abuse around the clock, and so can we. All tall mass leaders, as the saying goes, accept brickbats and bouquets with equal sporting abandon. Allow your policies and actions to speak for you. People who oppose you and opposition parties are paid to disparage you. My plea to all concerned is to please enjoy the political journey and take it easy.

By: Laimayum Bashanta Sharma is the Spokesperson, BJP, Manipur Pradesh