ZYON lodges police complaint against Kuki author
ZYON lodges police complaint against Kuki author

TMB Report
Imphal: Amidst volatile situation prevailing in the State, the Zeliangrong Youth Organisation, Nagaland lodged a complaint with Jalukie Police Station on Tuesday requesting to put a ban on the distribution and sale of the book titled “Zalengam: The Kuki Nation” written by PS Haokip, self-styled Chairman of Kuki National Organisation (KNO) who originally hails from Mongloi village in Myanmar but presently residing in Churachandpur, Manipur.

As per the complaint report, PS Haokip in Chapter – V of the book mentioned that the sovereign Kuki state is stretching from the present day Manipur, to parts of Nagaland, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura including Myanmar and Bangladesh. Besides, it has been misleadingly written that the sovereign Kuki state (Zalengam) had already existed even before the establishment of the League of Nations and the United nations.

Further, in Chapter-VIII and page No. 117 of the book it was mischievously mentioned, with malicious intention to incite communal flare up between the two communities, that Angamis of Khonoma village assaulted Zeliangs in Peren district and raped their women in front of the men folk’. The book also claimed that the Zeliangs in Peren district of Nagaland were settled in Kukis land.

It further claimed that, as tenants, the Zeliang paid tax to Kuki chief. Moreover, it was also written misleadingly that people of Nsong region paid tax to the Kuki chief of Jolpi, Mbaulwa region to the Kuki chief of Sailhem and Nkio range to the Kuki chief of Sinjol. While the Nagas in Tenning and Beisumpui range paid tax to Kuki chief of Bombal and Tolbung, it stated.

However, contrary to the unfounded and misleading claims made by PS Haokip, in his infamous book Zalengam, it was a historically established facts that the Naga allowed the Kukis to settle in their land on humanitarian grounds, it stated.

As such, in recognition and loyalty towards the generous Nagas, the Kukis have been paying taxes to the landowner till today. It is pertinent to note that the chief of all Kuki villages under Peren district had admitted that they were living under Zeliangs ancestral land and the same (Agreement) was well documented and in the safe custody of Zeliangrong Baudi, it continued.

It stated that the author has concocted many lies intentionally to usurp historical facts and distort the Naga history using offensive and derogatory language to undermine the Zeliang people which has resulted in grave offences against India in general and the Nagas of Nagaland in particular.

Besides, the culprit has disseminated falsehood and created an environment against public tranquility which may lead to bloodshed and law and order situation in the region, it added.