Defining indigenous community Govt’s sole onus: CM
Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren Singh

TMB Report

Imphal: Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren Singh has made it clear that it is the government that will decide which community belongs to indigenous category and any group of persons or organisations is not the authority to do so.
Inaugurating a State Level Training Programme on Booth Sashaktikaran Abhiyan at JN Dance Academy Imphal organised by BJP Manipur pradesh, Chief Minister N Biren said that it is very unfortunate that an organisation in a press conference has come out with a statement that some particular communities should not be recognised indigenous people, thus creating a communal tension in the state. It is the government, the Assembly or the Parliament that will decide which community will belongs to indigenous community or not. Organisations cannot do whatever it likes. Certain functionaries of an Organisation involved in creating communal tension have been picked up by the Police, he divulged.
Maintaining that Manipur is a land where several ethnic groups settled coherently for years, Chief Minister appealed to the different communities to maintain peaceful co-existence and unity.
He, however, appealed to the people not to encourage in bringing in illegal immigrants at a time when the tiny state cannot accommodate even the original settlers.
The Chief Minister said that the BJP was able to form the government with full majority with support from the people. Therefore, it is the bounden duty of the party to serve and make the people happy at its best, he said.
Claiming that BJP central leaders always feel concern for the people of Manipur, the Chief Minister said that the Centre granted Inner Line permit after having serously felt the immediate need to protect the indigenous people. Centre knows the uniqueness of Manipur history, culture and identity.
Recently, the Centre has allowed to include Manipuri language in CAPF Constable examination. No other party ever felt serious concern for Manipur as BJP does. The recognition, freedom and respect given by the BJP Central leadership is quite historic. As such, BJP Karyakartas in Manipur should not feel hesitant to sacrifice for the party. Even China, the superpower country, is afraid of India due to Modi and Amit Shah, Biren added.
He said that the BJP government formed with public support will never hurt public sentiment. The effort of governnment to protect Reserve forest and protected forest does not target the innocent people. It is a verification process to avoid future disputes. The public misunderstanding over reserved forest and protected forest has almost ended. Yesterday, some village chiefs in and around the Chakpikarong area came to the CM’s Secretariat. In the meeting, they endorsed the government’s effort, he said.
Minority communities should not be guided by narrow mindedness that they have been subjugated or deprived of their rights. The present government is making effort for equal development. Efforts of the government to bring unity in the State can be clearly seen at Sangai Ethnic Park Noirang khunou, Biren added.