Naga army of NSCN-K (YA) denounce Yung Aung’s presidency
Naga army of NSCN-K (YA) denounce Yung Aung’s presidency

Kohima: Following a recent executive meeting of the Naga Army, “high ranking” officers of the NSCN-K (YA) denounced the presidency of the group’s president Yung Aung. An official update from the group said that the Naga Army officers had agreed “not to serve and work” in the national service under the leadership of Yung Aung.
Instead, the group said that the Naga Army officers had decided to continue to serve under the leadership of (Self Styled) Gen Kumchok, Commander In chief and SS Lt Gen Thungching as Deputy Commander-In-Chief of the Naga Army.
They noted that it entered a ceasefire with Myanmar during which the Myanmar government had sanctioned several developmental activities including 45 vehicle licences. However, all developmental activities have gone without the knowledge of the Naga Armies. After the death of Khaplang, the group’s former Chairman in 2017, it said that the administrative system of the group deteriorated.
Over the years, it claimed that huge numbers of arms and ammunition which were dumped in the armory without the knowledge of any officers were snatched away by the Myanmar Army.
It also accused misappropriation of the financial management system under Yung Aung and that foreign diplomacy and foreign aid were not disclosed to the Naga Army officers.
It also informed that meetings with other factions were held without the knowledge and consultation of the Naga Army officers.
Naga Army officers were also not allowed to hold any meeting or conference till 2023 and several attempts made by the 16 tribes of western Naga peoples including the state government who are the pioneers of the Naga Revolution to meet the President were ignored.
“The peoples of Eastern Nagaland are in dilemma by bringing different Christian denominations which resulted in the misunderstanding among themselves,” it said.
It also informed that top NSCN/GPRN members were expelled without trial or statements. Stating these reasons, it said that the meeting was necessitated to change the leadership.