State witnessing corruption-free recruitment : CM
Chief Minister N Biren has claimed that transparency and corruption free job recruitment

TMB Report

Imphal: Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren claimed that there is no more news of corruption and scandal in the working of the government and stated that the BJP led government is more transparent and more people oriented.

Addressing the 43rd Foundation Day of BJP held at Thambal Shanglen on Thursday at Nityaipat Chuthek, CM Biren lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for the country and expressed his heartfelt greetings to the BJP karyakatas in the state. The party flag was hoisted and floral tributes were paid to the leaders of the party as a part of the observation.

Stating that the BJP is the largest party in the world, he asserted that the government is for the people and the policies for the welfare and protection of the people. He said that with the arrival of the party, the visions of the senior leaders of BJP for a united and strong India has been achieved and fulfilled by the Narendra Modi led government.

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Pointing out that Articles 370 has been removed from Jammu and Kashmir, he noted that once that there conflict of two flags and restrictions in visit however today all of this has been removed and the dream for united India has been fulfilled. He stressed the people to carry out their duties. 

He highlighted that in space aviation India has left behind America and Russia. Reusable Vehicle has been launched in the country. 

Quoting that the fate of the country will be determined by the people of the country, he strongly condemned and stated there is no need to depend on those who have colonised and suppressed the people by approaching to look after the country. He questioned what good will the people those who have colonised and looted the country do good for the people and stated low class politics is condemnable.

Claiming that the workers, MLAs and Ministers of the party are filled with nationalism and love for their motherland without any personal benefits, he informed that Pandit Din dayal upadhyay laid his beliefs on humanity and service to the people and Sama Prashad Mukherji put his beliefs on nationalism and even sacrifice his life. He lauded the sacrifice and dedication of the party.

Biren said that BJP led government Manipur has set up the traditional house of the 35 indigenous communities in Sangai Ethnic Park and established a tribal museum for each of the community which shows the true Manipur where there is no difference among the communities.

He stressed that each and every religion must respect other religion and the party has no difference for religion and community and work for the good of the people under the philosophy of PM Modi ‘Sab ka Saath,Sab ka Vikash, Sab ka Vishwas, Sab ka Prayas’ . 

 Biren noted that there is no more corruption and scandal in recruitment and the government is more transparent. He said that there is no delay in announcement of the results and the people have showed how they were selected in social media without spending a single rupee which has shown that the government is more transparent and reliable.

He said that the grievances and problems of the party must be discussed within the party and a solution must be brought without confronting the discipline of the party. The party will continue to live for the future and the foundation must be led for the future generation and that the party has committed to bring development in both hills and the valley, he added.

CM Biren also launched Khunggang Chatsi, Yum Yum campaign as a part of the function.