Implement Manipur Cine Policy: Meghachandra to Govt
Implement Manipur Cine Policy

TMB Report

Imphal: Raising concern over the present pathetic status of Manipuri film, Wangkhem MLA Keisham Meghachandra has demanded to implement the Manipur Cine Policy which was earlier approved by the government.

He was speaking at the inaugural function of two day National seminar of Manipuri film organised by Regional Centre for Cultural Heritage(RHCC), Manipur under North Eastern Council(NEC), Government of India on Sunday at Tampha Hotel.

Meghachandra reiterated that the Manipur Cine Policy is not only for promoting of Manipuri films but also included various business activity. He appreciated organising such seminar in view of the ongoing situation of Manipuri film.

Highlighting the problem faced by artists of the state, he stressed on discussing and taking up necessary steps to ease the problems.

Asserting that the artists are gradually losing their zeal and interest in Manipur films, he said that Manipur State Cine Policy has been approved by the previous government. The policy includes various provisions for promoting Manipuri films, he said stressing on increasing activity of films and it’s promotion.

Meghachandra observed that with proper implementation of the policy, the indigenous business activity will eventually increase. Producing the rich art and culture of the state into films will create more influence to the public and the upcoming generation who do not have idea of the history, tradition and culture will also gain knowledge through films, he maintained. 

 He emphasized on taking advantage of the facilities provided by the centre and stated that the central government considered Film as an industry. He said that production of film have been taking various role in the activity of the state and expressed that the support given to sports must be equally given to Manipuri films. 

Academic Council Member (Swarma Kamal Awardee) FIPRESCI India, Meghachandra Kongbam stated that with the support of the centre, films have reached digital era and said that film industry is a huge media and entertainment sector.

Elaborating that in September 26, 2022 a stakeholder meeting was held for the development of film industry at Bombay, he informed that the meeting resolved to increase the number of cinema hall and accordingly, model theatre draft policy has been completed which will be sent to 20 states. He mentioned that the central government has assured to extend whatever help necessary for the development of Manipuri film industry and stated that no help has been recieved till today as no one had proposed or asked for help regarding the needs to develop the film industry of the state.He stressed on the need to deliver the problem of the state.

Noting that there are around 9600 hall in India, he lamented that the central government believed there is no cinema hall in the state as the state is not included in the list for central and IB advertisement. He urged sending report to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting that there are cinema halls in the state.

The function was attended by president of Manipur Cultural Council K Radhakumar Singh IAS(Retd), Director(National awardee) JNMDA, P Bilash Singh, Assistant Research Officer of North Eastern Council Ningthoujam Ajit Singh and other renowned personalities of films also took part in the inaugural function.