DC asked to probe creation of Songjang village: CM
DC asked to probe creation of Songjang village: CM

TMB Report
Imphal: Concerned Deputy Commissioner has been instructed to investigate into the establishment of a new village called “K Songjang” inside the Churachandpur-Khoupum Protected Forest by a certain people from Churachandpur and other places.
Chief Minister N Biren on his social media account said that when Aadhaar cards of 13 persons of the K Songjang village, where 17 houses were recently evicted for encroaching the protected forest, were
identified; it was found that three persons belong to Meetei while the rest are mostly from Churachandpur district and only one person was found to be the original resident of the old K Songjang village.
The persons who were found to have newly settled at K Songjang village are Nehhao Haokip Kuki of M Songel village, Churachandpur; Donglam of Kangvai village, Churachandpur; Seiminlun Haokip of Hengmol
village, Churachandpur; Keithellakpam Leikhamba Singh of Huikap Mayai Leikai, Imphal East; Seijohn Haokip of L Boljol village, Loktak project, Churachandpur North sub division; Neijoukim of Vangaichungpao, Tamenglong Golarthol; Lhunthang of K Songjang village,
Churachandpur; Seikhogin Haokip of Tumjangphai, Loktak project, Churachandpur; Hetnam Haokip of New Kungpi village, Kungpinaosen, Loktak project, Churachandpur; Keithelakpam Brojen Singh of Huikap Awang Leikai; Angom Ichanbi Devi of Moirang Khoiru Leikai, Bishnupur;
Paolal Haokip of K Hengmol Kangvai, Churachandpur and Mairembam Merina Devi.

The Chief Minister divulged that the Aadhaar cards of Keithelakpam Brojen Singh, Angom Ichanbi Devi and Paolal haokip were found unverified while the Aadhar of Merina was found to be newly generated.