‘Mother Teresa’ of Kangpokpi passes away at 88
Nengphakim alias Nengcha Chongloi

TMB Correspondent
Kangpokpi: Black donned Kangpokpi on Monday as people mourned the demise of its Mother Teresa, who passed away after succumbing to a fatal fight with a BP stroke on Monday early morning.
Nengphakim alias Nengcha Chongloi (88) was born on November 7, 1935, as the second daughter and fifth among seven siblings of (L) Letkhopao Chongloi and (L). Lhingjating Chongloi.
Resembling Mother Teresa’s life since her early childhood during the second world war by playing the role of a mother to her younger handicapped brother, Nengcha Chongloi listening to her inner conscience, decided to remain unmarried and sacrificed her life to serve the destitute children within her family and the society.
She has no husband but many sons, daughters, and grandchildren through her charity of love, and never regrets her decision to remain unmarried to serve many destitute children.
A few years back, Kangpokpi Christian Church honored Nengcha Chongloi with a Mother Teresa Award and named her ‘Mother Teresa’ of Kangpokpi for her sacrifice for her unrelenting charitable services to the poor and the needy.
Nengcha Chongloi, the Mother Teresa of Kangpokpi was the aunty of Kaybie Chongloi, a noted Journalist from Kangpokpi district.
Thousands attended the funeral ceremony of Nengcha Chongloi at Kaybie Chongloi’s residence at Vengthah Ward No.3 as they mourned and bid adieu to Mother Teresa of the town, where she was buried at the Christian Cemetery at Kangpokpi District Headquarters.
Various civil society organizations and local bodies including Kangpokpi Town Committee, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization, Kangpokpi Youth Union, apart from district CSOs leaders attended the funeral ceremony of the Mother Teresa of Kangpokpi.
The local MLA, Nemcha Kipgen, who is also the Minister for Textiles, Commerce, and Industry and Cooperation also conveyed her heartfelt condolence through Vengthah Ward No.3 Committee Chairman Chonkam Kipgen and paid her tribute by wrapping a traditional shawl over the coffin of the deceased
as Mark of honor and respect. Rev. J. Lunkim, Pastor KCC while performing the last rituals of Mother Teresa of the town, explained as to why the deceased had been given the title of Mother Teresa and later buried her in the presence of many other Church leaders, CSOs leaders and the family members, relatives, and near and dear ones