Do eggs harm your heart? Know what egg does to your cholesterol level (and what happens when you don’t eat eggs)
Do eggs harm your heart? Know what egg does to your cholesterol level (and what happens when you don't eat eggs)

While we all believe that eggs are a wholesome food, we never consider it to be good for the heart. In our belief, egg is a cholesterol loaded food item which should be eaten within limits, or is better to be avoided altogether as cholesterol silents kills the heart.But, is it true? If yes, to what extent?nerally believed that eggs are bad for heart

1. Are eggs a source of bad cholesterol?

It is true that eggs are high in cholesterol. Apart from this, eggs are also rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Egg is rich in phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and contains moderate amounts of sodium. It also contains copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc.Considering the diversified nutritional composition of eggs, it is essential to understand how to eat eggs as leaving these out your diet will deprive you from several important nutrients.

2. How many eggs a day should you eat?

Eggs are one of the interesting topics for researchers. Several studies have said one egg a day is enough to provide the body with essential nutrients. As much as the number of eggs, it is also important to know how you should eat the egg.Egg literally goes with everything. People have it in salad, in sandwiches and also with a main meal. Hence the way an egg is consumed determines how much it is going to be useful for your body. “Of course, it matters greatly what you eat with your eggs. The saturated fat in butter, cheese, bacon, sausage, muffins, or scones, for example, raises your blood cholesterol much more than the cholesterol in your egg,” a Harvard health report says.

3. Eating 5 eggs a week is good for health

A study done by researchers at Boston University found that eating eggs lowers risk of blood pressure, blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes.The American Heart Association says one egg offers 78 calories and a large one contains nearly 6 grams of protein. It says, if a person’s cholesterol intake is less, there is no harm in having eggs in the diet.

4. If you already have high cholesterol, should you still eat eggs?

This is a debatable topic. It is because egg yolks, which are considered to be the storehouse of cholesterol, are not recommended to be given to those who already have an elevated level of cholesterol.But the fact is egg yolk contains a huge amount of nutrients which are rarely found in other foods.Several studies have found that egg yolks have a minimal impact on the cholesterol level of the body. However, health experts suggest that people who already have other conditions like diabetes that influence heart risks, should avoid consuming egg yolk even if it does not increase the cholesterol level that much.

5. Boiled eggs or sunny side up?

he overall objective is that a lower cooking method helps retain the nutrients and causes less cholesterol oxidation. Hence this is the reason sunny side up and soft boiled eggs are the healthiest way to eat eggs.An additional benefit is that cooking eggs in this way does not require extra oil.One can also add lots of finely chopped vegetables and cheese to beaten eggs and make omelets.​Heart attack signs: Teen thought she felt ‘butterflies’ from school dance; it was heart attack