Govt must avoid unauthorized agents during AH expansion: AHLAVCCA
Govt must avoid unauthorized agents during AH expansion: AHLAVCCA

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI : The Asian Highway Land Affected Villages Chairmen/Chiefs’ Association (AHLAVCCA) has urged the state government and other authorities concerned not to entertain but rather avoid any unauthorized persons in any matters related to Asian Highway expansion within the jurisdiction of Gamgiphai to Kalapahar/Kangpokpi.

The association’s Chairman, Thangkholun Haokip, said that with deep regret and disappointment the association is compelled to clarify for the general public and all authorities concerned that AHLAVCCA has never entrusted any person to act as an agent or middleman in any matters related to the ensuing Asian/National Highway expansion.

He said that Micheal Lamjathang Haokip, who is supposedly serving as the General Secretary of the Thadou Students’ Association (GHQ) is never invited nor entrusted to act as an agent or middleman by the association in connection with the ensuing Asian/Highway expansion matters.

He pointed out that the said self-styled leader is neither a resident of Sadar Hills Kangpokpi district nor possessed an inch of land in the stretch of land between Gamgiphai to Kalapahar/Kangpokpi.

He also said it is very unfortunate that the said gentleman always acted as an agent of the Government and insisted to attend any official meeting in connection with the Asian/Highway expansion related issues and along with some of his associates keep trying to instigate sections within the affected landowners in the pretext of solving the issue at CMO or Chief Secretary’s level.

Therefore, it will be wise on the part of the authorities concerned to take extreme precautions from such a person to avert further misunderstanding between the government and the affected landowners’ association, he added.

The association, however, said that on request of Micheal Lamjathang Haokip, the association had submitted a written request to TSA Sadar Hills seeking support and cooperation in the movement, and subsequently, we have agreed with TSA Sadar Hills to work together to resolve the issue of Asian Highway expansion which does not guarantee Micheal Lamjathang Haokip the right to act at his whims and fancy and also act as an agent of the Government or middleman between the Government and the affected landowners.

AHLAVCCA made it clear to the state government and authorities concerned as well as the general public that Micheal Lamjathang Haokip can and will never represent the affected landowners in connection with Asian/National Highway expansion unless authorized or asked by AHLAVCCA, SAHILCA, or any concern CSOs of Kangpokpi district.