Manipur Conflict: One more killed, another injured.
Takhellambam Manoranjan (23), son of T.Prem Kumar

TMB Report
Imphal: In a deeply distressing turn of events, Manipur witnesses another grim chapter in its ongoing conflict as Takhellambam Manoranjan (23), son of T. Prem Kumar alias Inao of Thiyam Konjin Samajing Leikai, tragically succumbs to the injuries sustained during the violent clashes.

Wanglen Mongshatabam (27), son of M Hera of Chingmeirong, finds himself caught in the crossfire, sustaining injuries, but the extent of his injuries and the long-term effects remain uncertain.

The ongoing conflict in Manipur continues to cast a shadow over the region, leaving families shattered and communities on edge. The implications of such violence are far-reaching, impacting not only the lives directly involved but also sending shockwaves through the broader society. The need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict becomes increasingly urgent, as each new incident adds to the toll of human suffering and leaves a lasting impact on the social fabric of Manipur.