Refugee influx from Myanmar poses law and order challenges in Kamjong district
Refugees from Myanmar

Imphal (Agency): The recent influx of 4363 Myanmar nationals seeking refuge in Manipur’s Kamjong District, driven by the turmoil resulting from the military crackdown on rebel groups in Myanmar, poses a critical situation potentially posing to create law and order in the state.

With over 398-km porous border shared between Manipur and Myanmar, Kamjong district’s 104 km border lacks adequate fencing, allowing this significant surge of refugees into the State.

Primarily comprising Chin tribes with ethnic ties to the Kukis of Manipur, along with a small number of Myanmarese Meiteis, these refugees have sought shelter in Kamjong.

Efforts led by Naga People’s Front legislator Leishiyo Keishing have focused on providing essential necessities to these individuals who fled their homeland due to the perilous conditions arising from the military crackdown in Myanmar.

Government authorities have taken steps to record biometric details, aiming to identify the “refugees”, a move vital for future governmental programs concerning Indian citizens like Aadhaar card issuance.

However, amidst ongoing ethnic conflicts in the state, the substantial and continuous influx of mainly Chin community refugees raises concerns, prompting the government to monitor the situation closely.

Acknowledging the humanitarian aspect, Chief Minister N Biren Singh emphasised the need to regulate this influx, ensuring that while shelter is to be provided on humanitarian ground, the establishment of illegal settlements is to be prevented through mandatory biometric recordings and monitoring by government officials.

The influx of Myanmar nationals seeking refuge in Kamjong district presents a complex humanitarian challenge amid ongoing ethnic conflicts. As efforts continue to provide shelter and necessities, the government’s vigilance in regulating and monitoring the situation remains crucial to maintaining law and order while addressing the needs of those seeking sanctuary. (Courtesy: Waari Singbul Network)