Leveraging youth’s potential imperative: RK Ranjan

TMB Report
Imphal: The driving force behind a nation’s growth story is the talent and energy of its youth, With its intrinsic ability for unconventional and lateral thinking, its dynamism, and its idealism, the youth of a nation represents not only its future our shared future, but also its potential for bringing aboul changes in every sphere of life, noted Union Minister of State for External Affairs & Education Dr. RK.Ranjan.
Addressing the SCO Business Forum Meeting virtually on Tuesday, Dr. RK.Ranjan asserted that a uniquely large youth demography is a well-known core strength of SCO and as such its Member States should leverage the potential of youth to achieve the economic prosperity and growth as envisaged by our leaders.
He stated that the hosting of this event today, assumes even greater significance as India prepares to host the SCO Foreign Ministers Meeting in the coming days. He conveyed that India became a Member State of SCO in 2017 and since then, it has been actively taking part in all the cooperation activities of this organisation However, our deep engagements with SCO started just four years after the formalisation of the organisation. Since July 2005 when India became an observer State, the country is happy to deepen its engagements, in all areas of common interest, he added.
The Union Minister maintained that India highly values the multifaceted socio-cultural, political and economic cooperation activities of the organization, keeping intact the centrality of the Central Asian countries. Our membership of SCO, is therefore, a reaffirmation of India’s keenness to deepen its historic ties with the region, he added.
He conveyed that India hosted the young scientists conclave (SCO) and the Startup Forum, which were yet another milestone in recognizing the young talent pool of SCO countries.
He stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2022, given the then prevailing Geo-politico-economic currents, had emphasised that SCO mus make efforts to develop reliable, resilient and diversified supply chains in our region. He emphasised the need for better connectivity, with full right to transit, as necessary conditions, This remains true to date, he added
Dr. RK.Ranjan urged the business lenders gathered today, to put their minds together to discuss, how we can together achieve this.
He stated that the Skills India Programme has a vision to transition India to a high-skills equilibrium and help create positive outcomes for individuals, enterprises and the economy. It is envisaged that this program will ultimately enable individual economic gains and social mobility, he added.
India has launched many schemes and programs to scale up India’s actions on both adaptation and mitigation. Result oriented measures have been implemented water resources, under these schemes and programs across almost all sectors agriculture, forest, energy and enterprise, sustainable mobility and housing, waste management, circular economy and resource efficiency, etc. Today India has progressively continued decoupling of economic growth from greenhouse gas emissions. The Net Zero target by 2030 by the Indian Railways, is one such example which we are set to achieve. This alone will lead to a reduction of emissions by 60 million tonnes annually. Our massive LED bulb campaign has reduced emissions by 40 million tonnes annually, he continued.
He stated that in our common fight against climate change and our actions for green development, India, as global solutions provider, has pioneered some important global initiatives which are contributing in fighting climate change and its severe impacts.
The Union Minister stated that together with partner countries, India has launched initiatives like the International Solar Alliance (ISA), with a vision of One Sun One World One Grid Coalition For Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) and its initiative of Infrastructure for Resilient Island States (IRIS), and Leadership Group on Industry Transition.
To build a shared common clean and green future, a conscious robust partnership between the Government, the Private Enterprises and most of all the citizens is a must, not only within India but with our international partners. Success will depend largely on cooperation, he added.