Ibobi calls for united Oppn Force to oust BJP Dictatorahip
Joining the month- long 'Jai Bharat Satyagraha'

TMB Report

Imphal: Joining the  month-long ‘Jai Bharat Satyagraha’ across the country, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) staged a State Level ‘Jai Bharat Satyagraha’ (One-day Fasting) in solidarity with Rahul Gandhi and in support of his fearless and non-compromising fight against the loot of public and national wealth by Modi-Adani nexus.

The State Level ‘Jai Bharat Satyagraha’ held at complex Congress Bhawan was attended by MPCC President K. Meghachandra Singh, CLP leader O. Ibobi Singh, AICC Steering Committee Member Gaikhangam, leaders of different like-minded political parties namely CPI, CPI (M) and JDU.

 Congress MLAs K. Ranjit Singh, Th. Lokeshwar, O. Surajkunar Singh, Ex-MPs, Ex-INC candidates, Ex-MLAs, MPCC Senior Spokespersons, Vice-Presidents, MPCC Office Bearers, PCC Members, Chief of Frontals/Cells/Depts/DCCs/BCCs, party leaders and workers etc also took part in the protest. 

Addressing at the gathering, Former CM and CLP Leader Okram Ibobi Singh said that India is known as the largest democratic country,  mother of democracy in the world. However, BJP is running a dictatorial government as the citizens and opposition parties are restricted from criticising and expressing their views or opinions with regard to the policies of the ruling government.

Indian was once ruled by kings and before India gets independence, there were more than 500 princely states. British government occupied the princely states of India one after another. Manipur was the last state occupied by the mighty British in 1891. The dictatorial british government which ruled India for many decades looted away all the mineral resources, ornaments and other many resources. 

With the Indian freedom struggle gaining momentum, the British empire granted independence on August 15, 1947. During that period, Manipur was still under the rule of the last king Maharaja Budhachandra. Later, on September 21, 1949, the Governor-General of India and Maharaja Budhachandra signed a merger agreement at Shillong. 

Ridiculing the statement of certain ministers of the present BJP regime in the state that Manipur would have seen significant development had Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power before 2014, Ibobi said all those incumbent ministers including CM himself were once in the previous Congress government and took whatever benefits. They have forgotten their roots. They seem to have ignored the fact that PM Atal Bihari  Vajpayee led BJP government ruled the country in 1998. 

Ibobi also said that there are four pillars in democracy namely Legislature, Executives, Judiciary and Media which played very important roles. He said that the duty of legislature is making a laws, executives translate them into action. He said that the third pillar, judiciary can object or interfere if the law makers violate or break the law. The fourth pillars media duty is to discuss all the above activities, what is right or wrong but the present government has threatened the freedom of expression and freedom of speech, he said, adding that they have shut the mouth of the fourth pillar now, said Ibobi. 

The CLP leader mentioned how  businessman Gautam Adani jumped his wealth to second position in the world. The people of India and opposition party has been questioning how Adani wealth’s position jumped to second place. In regard, Rahul Gandhi raised a question, what is the relationship between Modi-Adani, he added saying that Rahul Gandhi requested to formed Joint Parliamentary Committee (JCP) and investigated about the wealth of Adani in the Parliament and outside but BJP government remained silent. He also mentioned two years imprisonment of Rahul Gandhi and disqualification from MP seat. He said that if any person or political leader speaks against the present government then they sent various agencies to arrest and try to surpress the voice of the people. He said that the BJP is not only trying to surpress the democracy system but human rights too. In regard, the world leaders have already given comments including United Nation.

He appealed to the like minded Opposition parties to unite to oust the BJP regime.