Guv hails Manipur’s Unique Culture
Governor of Manipur Anusuiya Uikey


Imphal: Governor of Manipur Anusuiya Uikey has said that she will help to further develop Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy (JNMDA) and artists in the State. Governor was speaking at the Certificate Award Ceremony of JNMDA held today at Open Air Theatre of the Academy in Imphal.

Governor while attending the ceremony as Chief Guest said, the North East, especially, Manipur has a unique culture which is different from other cultures of the world. She said, if we look into the cultures, traditions, dances, attires etc. we can feel the difference which is unique and we cannot find it anywhere except in the North East and Manipur. Manipuri music touches our heart and we are proud of it, she added. Appealing the artists, gurus for moving forward to develop the rich cultural legacies, Governor said, the work being done by JNMDA for the progress of art and culture, especially for dance is praiseworthy and has special significance for artists and all of us and therefore all possible help will be extended to the Academy.

Governor further said that the Academy is the premier dance academy in the country. She said, since its inception, the Academy has produced many eminent artists who are held in high esteem in the Manipuri cultural sphere. The Academy has been conducting courses in various dance forms of Manipur and its Production Unit has produced classy dance dramas widely acclaimed not only in the country but also internationally. Governor continued that JNMDA will not only continue to strive for the best in Manipuri culture but also work on various issues related to it in the world of modern art and culture.

Ms. Anusuiya Uikey stated that Manipuri dance which was originated in ancient times has retained ritual practices that were prevalent in the region. Dance and music symbolizing joy and gaiety bear the imprint of its long social and cultural history and tradition. Without the artists and their dedication, we might not be able to stay connected to our past and strong roots. Our endeavour should be to create a conducive environment for cultural traditions and practices to flourish and we must encourage our youth to keep these skills and creativity alive and strong. 

Governor handed over three gold medals to three outstanding students of the Academy in the ceremony. She also witnessed a spectacular choreographic work shown by the artists, gurus and students of the Academy. Dr. Ratan Thiyam, Chairman, Chorus Repertory Theatre and P. Bilash Singh, Director, JNMDA distributed certificates to the students in the ceremony.