Oken extends revolutionary greetings on KYKL’s 29th Raising Day
KYKL's 29th Raising Day

TMB Report
Imphal: On the occasion of the 29th Raising Day of the proscribed Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) which falls on April 25, Chairman of the outfit N.Oken extended revolutionary greetings to all the revolutionary organisations and people, as well as the CSOs, public leaders, public intellectuals and media fraternity in the WESEA region and Kangleipak.
In his message, Oken said, “Currently, the revolutionary movement in WESEA is in a state of existential crisis and deep sinking. Majority of ethno-national groups in the region that used to fight for freedom have committed to peace talks with colonial rulers, thereby giving up their long-lasting fight. Besides, there are a few revolutionary organizations waiting in line to join these groups who have already given up on the national armed liberation struggle. A more peculiar trend taking place currently in Kangleipak is the split of an organization to further the goals of a few individuals who want to make it an organisation that has ditched revolutionary politics. They are also planning to inflict physical and mental trauma on those organisations that refuse to give up on the real revolutionary movement”.
He said, “Currently, many middle-aged revolutionary leaders who have faced many ups and downs in the revolutionary movement over the past two to three decades within an organisation, but have not yet given up on the revolutionary movement, find themselves in
the dilemma of choosing whether to leave the party or continue to shoulder on the movement like those who had already declared themselves defeated before they became truly defeated in the battle. Similar to the phenomenon observed in revolutionary organizations, where revolutionary cadres thought they were defeated internally in their minds and psychology, prior to actual defeat on the battlefield, the majority of political elites and masses in society appear to have been encircled by an internalized sense of self defeatism prior to actual defeat, believing that one’s society cannot exist without being part of Delhi sponsored neo-fascist organisations”.
“The idea that we can survive as a people by converting into ‘Mayang’ cannot mean ‘let’s survive’, rather it means ‘let’s become extinct sooner’. The real existence of a society involves resistance against the domination of others on the one hand and self-empowerment on the other hand. In the democratic world order, a great number of past events have shown that if a group of people resist, they do not end up becoming extinct. Getting rid of the sense of inferiority complex is the first step to resisting colonial dominance. The idea that we cannot exist as a people without joining Mayang people’s neo-fascist organisations may be called as imposter syndrome. In other words, it is what is referred to as internalization of oppression,” he continued.
“Protecting one’s own identity will not hinder the development of other ethnic nationalities or communities; this will not even affect neighboring community. It would only benefit the particular community. There is a correlation between protection of identity and economic development of the communities. In a society with strong sense of identity, the self of an individual integrates with the collective self of the society. Without protection of identity, it will be hard to unite members of society; if not united we lose our strength. If there is no strength and unity, there will be no resultant economic development. Even the bare minimum of subsistence cannot be obtained without the protection of identity. If a society cannot protect its identity, they will not have core resolve/ value. Due to lack of this value and strength, they will eventually be marginalized; and the marginalized society is on its way to extinction,” he said.