Protest staged in Tbl against BJP regime

TMB correspondent 

Thoubal: Workers of Thoubal Block Congress Committe staged protest demonstration with their mouths covered with black masks, strongly denouncing the Modi regime. 

 The protest was held at Thoubal district congress Office, Thoubal Athokpam on Saturday. 

 Thoubal Block Congress Committe President Waikhom Inaojuge said that the BJP government led by PM Narendra Modi in the centre and CM Biren in the state arrest whoever criticses the government thus rendering the spirit of democracy meaningless. Contrary to the spirit of democracy, the Saffron regime is trying to gag the mouth of the people by threatening and arresting them. The party stage protest decrying such activities of BJP challenging democracy and freedom of speech. 

He said that the collective struggle of all opposition parties to fight back BJP’s campaign to make an opposition less regime by crushing them and to save beauty of Indian democracy is the need of the hour. 

We strongly condemn the brutal activities of BJP against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to forcibly capture power. The party will always support to the relentless effort of Rahul gandhi to maintain the sanctity of Democracy in the country, he said. 

Thoubal block congress committe vice President Khangembam Manglem, District Congress Committe Thoubal President N.Lukhoi, VP Kh.Muhindro also criticised the Modi regime.