Committee commemorates Anglo-Manipur War
A painting Depicting a scene from Anglo-Manipuri War of 1891| Mygov blog

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Imphal: Justice Committee on Anglo Manipuri War 1891 commemorated Mayangkhang Battle Field where many unknown heroes martyred and people faced sufferings.

A press release issued by Convenor, Justice Committee, T Birjit recounted that on March 24, 1891 the British attacked Kangla, the capital of independent Manipur to capture Prince Tikendrajit.

Five British officers including Chief Commissioner of Assam, Quinton, British Political Agent Grimwood residing in Manipur and Bugler were killed, following which British declared war against Manipur on March 31, 1891 and British armies attacked Manipur from three sides – Tumu, Silchar and Kohima. 

On April 24, 1891 Manipuri army led by Khurailakpa under the command of Maharaj Kulachandra was deployed to Mayangkhang to resist the British Force  led by General Collette invading from Kohima. 

The Royal army led by Major Laisraba Jambhuban, Major Maibya Tamarsing, Heikujamba Poila and 800 soldiers created a fort at Mayangkhang to resist the army of British Kohima column and heavy exchange of fire took place and the British army was blocked at Northern war site. The British continued to pour in their army and Manipur army faced defeat. Army of Thangal community and others fought for their motherland but were defeated and many unknown heroes sacrificed their lives.

It further continued that on March 24, 1891, Charai Thangal who led the killing of Superintendant Melville of British Telegraph Office and Signaler O’Brien at Mayangkhang, was latter hanged to death by the British on October 13, 1891 and Ghowkami Thangal and Gohow Thangal were exiled to Kalapani.

After the war, British officers continued to torment the villagers of Mayangkhang by burning their crops and houses and hanged those who took part in the war and many were sent to exile. 

Justice Committee commemorated the unknown heroes and people who had been a part of Mayangkhang Battle Filed and paid floral tributes to those who sacrificed their lives for their motherland.