Thiyam Dannish eyes World Series of Poker bracelet
Thiyam Dannish

MB Report

Imphal: Thiyam Dannish, a 33-year-old from the State, who won his first gold medal in one of the key tournaments of the 3rd edition of the National Poker Series India. With this win, he has set his sight on the next big challenge – to be among the few Poker players in India to bring home the World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet.

Growing up playing strategy games and solving puzzles has helped Dannish make apt decisions in the game of Poker. He has noticed that Poker has helped him develop a mindset of analysing situations logically. As he continues to showcase his skills to his friends and his followers in Manipur through his YouTube channel, Dannish believed that Poker has helped him imbibe mind discipline that has resulted in practicality to prevail over difficult situations in life.

“When we play poker to a certain degree, our brain is automatically wired to think of each situation in a positive manner. This kind of thought process, where each decision is properly evaluated and analysed based on the information available, allows pure logic, without the influence of emotions or the outcome of the result, is what poker has imbibed in me,” explained the Manipur based Poker star.

Having crossed multiple hurdles in life, Dannish has proven that with hard work, dedication, and a solid understanding of the game, anyone can succeed in Poker. However, he observed that the skill of playing Poker can only be excelled at through sacrifice.

Spending almost 8-10 hours a day is a testament to his dedication to the sport, He said that India is coming up through the ranks to establish itself as a hotbed of talented Poker players.

“In India, Poker is at a transitional stage where the general population is starting to understand that it’s unlike other card games. With a conducive environment, I hope we share the same appreciation for Poker as a mind sport synonymous with chess,” he said.

As an aspiring Poker player in India, Dannish opined that tournaments such as National Poker Series India are vital to attract newer entrants and budding enthusiasts looking to make a mark in Poker.

To celebrate the success of winners such as Dannish, the National Poker Series India Awards Night will be held in New Delhi on May 6 which will be graced by celebrities such as comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi and musician Ritviz.