Tripura Police sounds alert against UPI fraud
Tripura Police sounds alert against UPI fraud


Agartala: Tripura Police on Monday sounded alert against a new type of cyber fraud through popular UPI payments applications like Google Pay, Phone Pay and Paytm etc.

According to an official of the police’s cybercrime unit, the fraudster sends a certain amount of money using these mediums and asks the recipient to return the money stating that the transaction was made by mistake. 

As soon the money is returned, the UPI ID gets hacked and bank accounts linked with it get emptied in repeated transactions. The cybercrime unit also issued an advisory and advised people to return the money in cash in front of the local police station.

“The scammers are very sharp in their methods of defrauding people. Initially, they play the victim card to con the subject. We have received a number of such complaints recently and hence the advisory is issued,” an official of the department told eastmojo requesting anonymity.

Apart from that, there is a national intelligence network of the cybercrime units of all the state police which keeps sharing new updates pertaining to such crimes.

“Whenever we see a red flag waved in the intelligence network, an advisory is issued. Cases related to such crimes do not necessarily take place in one particular state. All the modus operandis are studied very carefully to prevent such cases to happen,” the official pointed out.

According to the Tripura Police cyber crime unit, if anyone faces such a situation, he or she should ask the person who transferred the money to reach the local police station with a valid ID and receive the cash return.

The Cybercrime unit has also alerted the public over the new scam in the garb of PAN cards and Aadhaar links. “We have observed that some fake websites have come into being that use the Aadhaar and PAN Data for making proxy transactions in someone’s account. People are hereby advised to link their PAN and Aadhaar card using the government website only,” the advisory stated. (Courtesy: East Mojo)