‘BJP following policy of imposition, confrontation’
A press conference was organised on Friday at Kangpokpi District Headquarters

TMB Correspondent

KANGPOKPI, Mar.31: A press conference was organized today at Kangpokpi District Headquarters by the Sadar Hills District Congress Committee on Jai Bharat Satyagraha in protest against the alleged erroneous conviction and disqualification of Rahul Gandhi.

The press conference was also to express the congress party’s resolve to keep raising the voice of the people against the alleged blatant loot of the people’s money and the nation’s wealth by modani.

The press conference was attended by office bearers of the Sadar Hills District Congress Committee, District Mahila Congress Committee, District Youth Congress, and the three Block Congress Committee including block Mahila and the AYCs.

The press conference of Sadar Hills District Congress Committee was addressed by Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip, Vice President of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee, who is also the former INC candidate of 51-Saitu AC.

Addressing the media, Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip said that today’s press conference is all about launching the “Jai Bharat Satyagraha” which means to stand by the truth in every book and corner of India and it is also in solidarity and support of our party leader and former AICC President Rahul Gandhi while it is also to show our solidarity to our Congress leader and workers at the centre and the state as well as in all the districts and blocks and booth level.

He said that Rahul Gandhi always stood by the truth and the people of India against the incompetency and failure of the Bharatiya Janata Party and all other such agencies which work against the people of the country which work together with the BJP.

He also said that Rahul Gandhi is speaking for the people of this country as always working across the states, the nation taking from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, and knows the pulses and sentiment of the people that they are not happy and satisfied with the BJP.

He maintained that the conviction and disqualification of Rahul Gandhi is nothing but an intentional target and a sinister ploy to save Adani which obviously demonstrated that the Prime Minister does not vehemently want his relationship to Adani to be further exposed.

He also said that the BJP Government has not only failed to deliver on its promises (during elections and speeches) but has also aggravated a grim situation by its insensitivity, flawed policies and divisive agenda and such callous and undemocratic attitude of the BJP Government in the center and Manipur is a matter of serious national and state concern.

The Sadar Hills District Congress Committee vehemently condemned the working style and the anti-people Government of BJP in the centre and the state”, he asserted.

Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip further said that the Sadar Hills District Congress Committee also strongly condemned the way the BJP tried to strangulate the voice of truth, and the voice of Rahul Gandhi who always speaks the truth.

He continued that the BJP fears that if at all Rahul Gandhi is given another chance in the parliament he will dig up all the misgovernance of the BJP and therefore he was convicted and disqualified purposely.

He recalled that the former AICC President was mocked, trolled, and insulted from every angle and means with the help of IT Cells of the BJP, its Bhakts, and the Godi Media, and having not conceded, they started sending ED, CBI, IB, then mute his microphone not allowing to speak in the parliament. Even after that, having no options, a case which on the complainant’s request had been stayed was re-open and a trial was initiated and ultimately convicted and within a fortnight disqualified as MP, which clearly shows that Rahul Gandhi is only a target, but the real aim is to save Adani.

In a democracy, people have a right to protest over the wrong policies of the Government and equally, it is the duty of the government to address the people’s legitimate demands, apprehensiveness, and concerns but the present situation is otherwise, added Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip.

He then said that we promise our central leadership and our leader Rahul Gandhi that I’m every section of the society and even to the booth level we are here to take the legacy of truth and non-violence to set free from the yoke of BJP which work against the interests of the people, the country and the nation.

The MPCC Vice President also said that the BJP Government in the centre and the state looks as if you question our wrongdoings, we will target you but all cases disappear if you join the BJP’s washing machine.

He further said that the country as well as many states including Manipur is facing a serious crisis and we need a healing process to restore people’s trust and confidence but it is unfortunate that the BJP Govt does not believe in building a consensus to resolve the issues, but follows a policy of composition and confrontation.