Villagers allege fraudulent withdrawal of compensation money
fraudulent withdrawal of compensation money

TMB Report
Imphal: The villagers of Chakanlong/Charoichagotlong village have alleged unfair, discriminatory, illegal deduction in assessment and payment of compensation, withdrawal of crores of public money for non existence house structure, standing crops etc in fictitious names in road expansion of NH-37 from Tupul to Namduanjang. Talking to the media at Manipur Press Club on Friday,
Dimnilung Kamei, Chairman, CDSJ Chakanlong stated that the joint survey for the widening of NH-37 within the jurisdiction of Chakanlong/Charoichagoltong village land i e. from Tupul to Namduanjang started since 2015 onward and another joint survey was conducted in the first half of 2016 with SDO staffs Noney including concerned departments and affected villagers.
He said that the said survey report was published in local papers like Poknapham etc in 2017 by the Chief Secretary, Government of Manipur on March 20, 2017. The Indian Parliament passed the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparent in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 (30 of 2013) and the affected villagers were expecting to translate into action by the District Administrator i.e. Collector, SDO Noney and all concerned departments transparently and in a fair manner.
However, on the contrary to the expectation, the innocent villagers who are actual land and property owners were deprived of their rightful compensation, alleged. He asserted that Right to Fair Compensation and Transparent in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 (30 of
2013) has become a mockery for the affected innocent villagers of Chakanlong village.
He pointed out that the affected land and property owners have applied an application through RTI Act, 2005 with the SPIO District Collector Noney. Accordingly the SPIO Noney furnished the required information as sought.
From this we came to know that crores of public money meant for the affected villagers of Chakanlong/Charoichagotlong was fraudulently withdrawn by few vested individuals led by one Ningmei Kamei and Jesse Kamei and their accomplices as per required information sought and issued by the SPIO Noney office, informations of which are in our safe custody now. Forged APR copies supposed to be signed by the beneficiaries were also included in the information sought for and issued by the SPIO District Collector Noney, he said.
Dimnilung stated that the affected land and property owners are perplexed to see those forged
signature against their names in those APRS and in order to redress suppressed right and grievances, a formal complaint to the Deputy Commissioner/District Collector(LA) Noney was filed on January 23, 2023.
As a follow up action, the Deputy Commisioner/District Collector(LA) informed that Joseph Pauline Kamson, IAS was summoned them to his office and advised them to negotiate with the affected villagers who are the complainants in the matter at the earliest but no positive respond is coming from the accused so far.
As per legal experts, the villagers were advised to make formal complaints to the SP concerned district for filing FIR and initiate necessary action according to law. Accordingly, a formal complaint was submitted to
the SP Noney on February 21, 2023 to take up necessary action and FIR against those accused for their act of criminality by forgery signature of land and property owners of Chakanlong/Charoichagotlong villagers including fictitious names, non-existent house structures, farmlands, standing crops including trees/ forest trees and also looting of compensation of common land amounting to Rs. 1,28,24,00.00 meant for the common villagers, he added.
He regretted that no single paise of the said amount was shared with even a single household of the village except the above mentioned persons and their accomplices and no action has been taken up from the authorities concerned.