MPCC storms Assembly on “Save Democracy” demand
MPCC storms Assembly on “Save Democracy”

TMB report
Imphal: Joining the nationwide protest against disqualification of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Hundreds of workers of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee stormed the Manipur Legislative Assembly demanding to protect democracy of the country The protestors were led by MPCC president K Meghachandra and CLP leader and former Chief Minister Okram Ibobi. Member CWC Gaikhangam, MLAs K Ranjit, Th Lokeshwor, O Surjakumar and other key functionaries of the party also took part in the protest. The protestors wearing black attire and mask held placards reading “Democracy in danger”.
Speaking to reporters on the sideline of the protest, CLP leader Okram Ibobi said that as advised by the AICC, the Congress workers staged a Satyagraha protest in front of Mahatama Gandhi statue at Congress bhavan Imphal on Sunday, followed by today’s protest in front of Manipur Legislative Assembly denouncing the disqualification of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as a member of the Parliament without following any due process of law. Congress was prompted to launch the protest as it strongly feels an apprehension about the uncertain fate of democracy in the country as fallout of the series of undemocratic activities of the ruling Modi led BJP government in the last few years.
He said that in democracy, it is the right of the elected MPs to criticize the wrongdoings of the ruling government in the parliament. However, every statement of Rahul Gandhi and AICC leader Malik Arjun Kharge who criticized Modi government have been expunged from the entire proceedings of the Parliament.
“Let Rahul Gandhi or Malik Arjun speak whatever they want in the parliament. The issue can be settled after the leader of the house gives a clarification to their allegations. That’s all. However, expunging their statement from the Parliament proceeding is quite undemocratic”, Ibobi charged and questioned the fate
of Indian democracy.
It is the duty of the ruling to give clarification to every question raised by the opposition in the house. The matter raised by Opposition is not personal but in larger interest of the people. Healthy debate in the house is necessary for the progress of the country, however, the current Modi government is quite scared
of Rahul Gandhi who speaks against the government, Ibobi said. Congress will never remain silent on the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as a member of the Parliament without following due process of law, Ibobi said exuding confidence that the party will get justice in course of time.
He further said that Democracy in the country is under attack as the statement, comment and suggestion of the opposition is deleted from the proceeding of the house. What is the harm of giving clarification to the allegation leveled by the opposition, he questioned. Alleging the Modi government of misusing the autonomous institutions in the country, Ibobi said that people of the country, even the press cannot speak against the BJP government as whoever criticizes the Saffron
regime is arrested and detained in jail like terrorist using Police Commando. During the pervious Congress regime in the state, people were free to criticize, comment and suggest but nowadays, any individual, bet it intellectuals, journalist, opposition MLA daren’t speak against the present Saffron regime.
Shutting the mouth of the opposition, press and citizens is dictatorship.
“Rahul Gandhi may be disqualified or jailed for years. Ibobi may face defeat in election.
However, the strategy to abolish Congress, a grand old party which played pivotal role in the freedom
movement, is impossible”, contended Ibobi.