ASHA Convention Prog held at Kamjong

Kamjong : A district-level ASHA Convention Program of Kamjong district was held on Friday. Organised by the District Health Society, Kamjong, the event was held at the Amity Hall of Adimjati Complex, Chingmeirong, Imphal.
Deputy Commissioner Kamjong Rangnamei Rang Peter attended the programme as Chief Guest, while CMO Kamjong Dr Lucy Duidang was the Functional President. A total of 110 participants including 80 ASHAs from remote corners of the district, ASHA facilitators, MOs in-charge of Kamjong, Phungyar and Kasom Khullen, DIO, all block program managing units (BPMUs) and district program managing units (DPMUs) of the district attended the program. Giving his chief guest speech, Rangnamei stressed on the important roles played by the ASHAs as frontline workers and said that they act as an important linkage between villagers and the health department. He further added that ASHAs will get more responsibilities along with appropriate logistics and resources in the coming days.
CMO Dr. Lucy Duidang highlighted the various responsibilities, activities and achievements of ASHAs
related to due-listing the eligible couples, registration of pregnant women, children for routine immu-
nization, ISCF, Deworming, Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition programs.
She also spoke about National Tuberculosis Elimination Program (NTEP) and Social Awareness and
Actions to Neutralized Pneumonia Successfully (SAANS) Campaign and roles of ASHAs for Vaccine
Preventable Diseases (VDP) surveillance.
As part of the programme, three ASHAs were given Best ASHA Awards (one from each block) and
16 ASHAs were given consolation prizes. Also, all the participating ASHA facilitators received appre-
ciation tokens.The ASHAs presented special entertainment items such as fashion shows, musical skits and group songs during the programme.