Continuance of BJP regime will spell doom: Cong
Continuance of BJP regime will spell doom: Cong

TMB Report

Imphal: Decrying the “crony capitalism” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government, workers of the Kakching Block Congress Committee took out a mass protest rally at Kakching on Monday.

The rally was led by Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) President Keisham Meghachandra. MPCC General Secretary Ksh.Kenedy who contested the Manipur Legislative Assembly election 2022 from Kakching AC also took part in the rally.

The protesters held placards which read “Debate on forceful use of LIC, SBI”, “Don’t amend rules to benefit Adani” etc. The protesters also marched upto Kakching LIC office and shouted slogans demanding to save the LIC.

MPCC President Meghachandra said that the crony capitalism in which the Modi government forces the public undertakings to invest to the business leaders of the country has never happened in the history of the country in the past.

Reiterating that the Congress will fight back the BJP’s crony capitalism and the grand old party always stand by the poor people of the country, he said that the huge money of the poor people deposited in the LIC and SBI has been invested in Adani market by the BJP government.

He said that the Hindenburg research has clearly shown that the huge investment has been lost but the BJP government has outrightly rejected the Congress’s demand to debate on the issue in the Parliament which is quite astonishing.

Meghachandra further said that Rs.33, 600 crore deposited by Rs 29 crore LIC policy holders was forcibly invested in Adani market and the huge savings of the poor people of the country is on the verge of loss.

Moreover, Rs. 80,000 crore of 45 crore account holders of SBI was also invested in Adani market. Investment of huge amounts of people to a single man is unconstitutional. Given the fact, LIC and SBI are on the verge of decline. The Congress will always stand against such policy of the Modi government to benefit a few businessmen, he said.

Clarifying that Congress is not against any corporate house of the country but against the like-minded capitalists, he demanded a probe into the report of the Hindenburg research either by a enquiry committee headed by a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or by a Joint Parliamentary Committee comprising MPs of both the ruling and opposition.

The Congress has prepared to launch a series of protests until the demand is fulfilled, he divulged.

The MPCC President also alleged that the Modi government has sold out public sector undertakings including Airport to rich businessmen such as Adani and Ambani, which will subsequently lead to unemployment of the youths.

Privatisation of public sector undertakings will spell doom for the country. As long as there is a BJP regime, the country will continue to

suffer. Prices of essential commodities will continue to rise, he claimed.

Recently, the BJP government has inflated the price of LPG gas to Rs.1250 from Rs.1200. It is not the time for the people of the country

to maintain silence when the GST, prices of essential commodities, petroleum products sky rocket. The BJP regime registered FIR against

anybody who criticises the government. The Congress will never maintain silence in this regard, he vowed.