Future of State’s economy lies in tourism: CM
Economy lies in tourism

Imphal (DIPR): On the ninth day of the 2nd part of the ongoing 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly session, the House unanimously passed six demands for grants amounting to Rupees 20,789,924,000. The demands for grants are (i) Demand No. 19: Environment and Forest (ii) Demand No. 38: Panchayat (iii) Demand No. 43: Horticulture and Soil Conservation (iv) Demand No. 45: Tourism (v) Demand No. 47: Minorities and Other Backward Classes and Scheduled Caste Department and (vi) Demand No. 48: Relief and Disaster Management.
For (i) Demand No. 19: Environment and Forest a sum of Rs 710,72,85,000 (ii) Demand No. 38: Panchayat a sum of Rs 156,80,42,000 (iii) ) Demand No. 43: Horticulture and Soil Conservation a sum of Rs 96,50,65,000 (iv) Demand No. 45: Tourism a sum of Rs 387,54,10,000 (v) Demand No. 47: Minorities and Other Backward Classes and Scheduled Caste Department a sum of Rs 641,64,84,000 and (vi) Demand No. 48: Relief and Disaster Management a sum of Rs 85,76,38,000 have been granted and passed in the House for the Financial Year ending March 31, 2024.
During the discussion on demands for grants, MLAs K. Ranjit Singh, K. Meghachandra Singh, Th. Lokeshwar Singh and Surjakumar Okram moved cut motions on demands No. 19, 38, 43, 45, 47 and 48, which were later withdrawn and passed in the House.
MLAs Sapam Nishikant, Leishiyo Keishing and M. Rameshwar also joined in the demand discussion and expressed their observation and suggestions on the demands of Tourism, Environment & Forest and Relief & Disaster Management.
Replying to a cut motion by the MLAs, Leader of the House N. Biren Singh stated that the future economy of the State lies in tourism. He divulged that 57 sites have been identified and necessary construction works are taken up on priority basis. Among the northeast States, Manipur tops in tourism sector, he conveyed.
He stated that necessary steps will be taken up by the government to develop the sites that have historical relevance. Tourist circuit needs to be set up to attract foreign tourists, he added.
Biren also mentioned that during the last term, the government had sanctioned funds for development of tourist spots in all the 60 Assembly Constituencies of the State in the respective areas of the elected representatives. The Government is giving importance to tourism sector, he added.
The Chief Minister informed the House that there has been confusion in providing benefits under MOBC and after identifying useful schemes that can be implemented in the State, the government made changes for some schemes in 2020-21. He stated that benefits were provided to the beneficiaries after giving training for skill development.
Environment & Forest Minister Th. Biswajit Singh informed the House that to check pollution in the State, two sites of Pollution Control Board have been set up at Manipur University and Dhanamanjuri University. The government is trying to set up such sites in every suitable areas of the State, he added.
Biswajit further informed the House that steps have been taken up by the government to conserve Protected and Reserved Forest areas. Recently the government has evicted residential sites at Protected and Reserved Forest areas. The Forest Department has also taken up steps for mass plantation of trees in Imphal city and other open spaces to curb pollution, he added.
The Minister also appealed to all the stakeholders to take equal responsibility in conserving and preserving the forest areas.
Regarding the trading of timber, Biswajit stated that timber trading has been done legally as far as possible in the State even though there might be some lapses. The department has auctioned timber at government rate and transit passes were given to timber traders by the Forest Department, he added.
Relief & Disaster Management Minister Awangbow Newmai informed the House that the government is trying to frame bye-laws for construction of buildings in disaster prone areas mainly the hills districts.
He stated that many buildings are constructed at the town areas of the hill districts due to population pressure and there is need for monitoring of such construction works.
He also informed that necessary arrangements to combat natural disaster have been taken up by the department. Trainings are given to volunteers in each and every district of the State for immediate response. The department is trying to update to face any calamities that occur in the State, he added.