DESAM demands appoinment of psychologists in schools
DESAM demands appoinment of psychologists in schools

TMB Report
Imphal: Democratic Students Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) has submitted a memorandum to the Education Minister and Chief Minister demanding appointment of full time counselors/psychologists in all the educational
institutions in the state. According to the memorandum jointly signed by President of DESAM Leisangthem Lamyanba and Secretary General, Mayengbam Somorjit Luwang, the State has witnessed
soaring rates of mental health challenges among children, adolescents and their families over the course of the COVID- 19 pandemic. While the emotional and behavioral challenges experienced by adolescents do not al-
ways rise to the level of diagnosable mental disorders,they nonetheless warrant serious attention.

It said most adolescents exhibit high rates of insecurities, unruly behavior, drug abuse, distress, pressure, depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies and in spite of this, many schools in
Manipur have failed to address this mental health issues appropriately which could have a negative effect on the students’ well-being and academic performance. Because the majority
of youths and children spend a considerable amount of time in schools, making school an ideal environment to provide timely and convenient access to mental health services is a must.

The memorandum stated that certain schools in Manipur issued a transfer certificates to the students and such students are barred from
taking board examination at the eleventh hour solely based on poor academic performance in their pre
board tests which is a clear indication that the school have failed to provide early diagnosis and timely
intervention for students who fall under the category. The schools should implement a more effective
system for identifying and supporting students who require academic assistance.
Stating that various policies and organizations also point toward an urgent need and significance of
the requirements of a school counselor or psychologist namely NCERT, CBSE, 10th Five Year Plan
(Planning Commission, GOI), NEP2020, DESAM urged to appoint a qualified school counselor or psy-
chologist to deal with stress related problems and incorporate teachers and parents to lessen the student’s
It maintained that many cases in which children with intellectual difficulties, Attention Deficit Hy-
peractivity Disorder (adhd) and Neuro Developmental Disorders have not been identified at the right
time and in the right manner and being force to suffer in the midst of the trending competitive schooling
system. A school counselor not only attends to students but also a holistic approach to better the sur-
rounding of the student by collaborating with teachers to develop Individualized Education Plan(IEP)
for a more student focus style of dealing with students from different background and capabilities while
providing psycho education to the guardians of creating a better environment and as medium between
them and their children for their future.
Pointing out that Manipur has been witnessing an alarming increase in the number of youth getting
trapped in the vicious circle of alcohol and drug abuse, it said that the rising cases of substance abuse at
a very early age, many of which started out from the peer pressure of the school going phase however
by the time they have reached adulthood, it has become too late to reverse the adverse effect of drug
abuse. Therefore, early psycho education is in need and it is desirable for school to create a post for
counselor/psychologist in every educational institution of Manipur to give timely counseling in order to
enable the student at the earliest to deal with different situation without turning to drugs and to establish
an academic curriculum in relation to health and drug use with the major focus on demand reduction, it