James Gunn chats with Zack Snyder, says Snyderverse creator supports new DCU plans
James Gunn chats with Zack Snyder, says Snyderverse creator supports new DCU

Not everyone is on board with DC Studio’s overhauled plans for its slate of superhero movies, but co-CEO James Gunn does have his supporters. In a reply thread on Twitter, the filmmaker shared that Zack Snyder has reached out to “express his support” about the DC Universe (DCU), while addressing the topic of a potential Netflix purchase deal, highlighted through the “#sellthesnyderversetonetflix” hashtag.

“I have to say, this has got to be the wackiest hashtag ever,” said Gunn. “1) Netflix hasn’t expressed any such interest (although we’ve discussed other stuff) & 2) Zack hasn’t expressed any interest & seems to be happy doing what he’s doing (and, yes, we too have talked).”

“He contacted me to express his support about my choices. He’s a great guy. Again, he seems really happy with the massive world building he’s doing now,” he added, after another user asked about the content that was discussed.

The SynderVerse refers to the series of films under the previously-termed DCEU (short for DC Extended Universe) banner, which Snyder is largely credited with building. It launched with Man of Steel, and later included films like Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman, and more.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League was the last project the director worked on for DC. He now has a home at Netflix, where he’s already released Army of the Dead, and continues to work on its sequel Planet of the Dead and a prequel anime series called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. Snyder is also directing Rebel Moon, a two-part adventure that began as an unsuccessful pitch for Star Wars.

Gunn and Peter Safran, meanwhile, will officially kick off the DCU with a new Superman movie, Superman: Legacy. The former is writing the film, which will follow a younger version of the superhero than the one Henry Cavill played in his previous movies.