Assam Considers Adopting Uttarakhand’s UCC for Legal Reform
Assam considers adopting Uttarakhand's UCC for Legal Reform

Mumbai (Agency): In a strategic move, Assam contemplates borrowing Uttarakhand’s Uniform Civil Code (UCC) model, revealed by CM Himanta Biswa Sarma. Alongside an anti-polygamy Bill introduction, Assam closely monitors Uttarakhand’s legal developments.

A committee in Uttarakhand presented a UCC draft to CM Pushkar Singh Dhami on Friday. Scheduled for discussion from Feb 5-8, Assam’s cabinet will deliberate on this model.

CM Sarma stated, “Our budget session starts from Feb 5, so we have some time. If the Uttarakhand UCC Bill is laid on Feb 5, we will assess the possibility of implementing the entire UCC in Assam.”

Assam already drafted its anti-polygamy Bill. CM Sarma confirmed the state watches Uttarakhand’s UCC developments, considering adoption if feasible.

The Assam budget session, Feb 5-28, includes the next fiscal year’s budget presentation on Feb 12. CM Sarma noted the UCC Bill won’t cover the tribal population, incorporating additional clauses based on Uttarakhand’s model.
(Courtesy: Times of India)