Licypriya storms COP28 stage, shouts “end fossil fuels”
Licypriya storms COP28 stage, shouts end fossil fuels

New Delhi (Agency): Licypriya Kangujam, 12-year-old climate activist from Manipur, dashed on to the stage at the United Nations Climate Conference 2023 (COP28) in Dubai, today. She bolted onto the stage holding a sign above her head that read, “End fossil fuels. Save our planet and our future.”

The teenager delivered a short speech after rushing on the stage, protesting against the use of fossil fuels for which she received a round of applause from the audience before being escorted away.

COP28 Director-General Ambassador Majid Al Suwaidi said he admired the young girl’s enthusiasm and encouraged audience present at the event to give her another round of applause.

The activist from Manipur posted the video of the event on X, and said, “They detained me for over 30 minutes after this protest. My only crime- Asking to Phase Out Fossil Fuels, the top cause of climate crisis today. Now they kicked me out of COP28.

In another post on X she wrote, “What is the reason to cease my badge for protesting against the fossil fuels? If you’re really standing against the fossil fuels, then you must support me and you must immediately release my badges. This is gross violation and abuse of Child Rights in the UN premises which is against the UN principle. I have the rights to raise my voice at UN.”

Phasing out fossil fuels has been an ongoing debate at the COP28 with nearly 200 countries having joined in trying to resolve the issue.

About 60,000 delegates from 190 nations are a part of this year’s climate conference in Dubai. The 12-year-old is a Special Envoy of Timor Leste. (Courtesy: NDTV)