Nemcha, actress Soma attend PM’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ at Kpi
Minister Nemcha, actress Soma

TMB Correspondent
Kangpokpi: Textiles, Commerce, and Industry and Cooperation Minister, Nemcha Kipgen, the local MLA of Kangpokpi AC along with multi-talented Manipuri actress Soma Laishram joined the people of Kangpokpi Assembly Constituency in tuning the historic centennial edition of Prime Minister’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ at Kangpokpi district headquarters.

The 100th episode of PM’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ was tuned in all the 42 polling booths under the Kangpokpi assembly constituency under the aegis of BJP Kangpokpi Mandal as instructed by the supervised by local MLA Nemcha Kipgen, who is also the Minister for Textiles, Commerce, and Industry and Cooperation.

The main event of the screening of PM’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ was held at El-Shaddai, the Blessed Home, the residential home of Minister Nemcha Kipgen at Kangpokpi District Headquarters.

Hundreds of people from various communities in the town including students participated in tuning the 100th episode of the popular Mann Ki Baat at the Minister’s residence.

All the participants including Minister Nemcha Kipgen, actress Soma Laishram, BJP Kangpokpi Mandal leaders, and Karyakartas started tuning the PM’s flagship address at 11:00 am.

The renowned Manipuri actress Soma Laishram led the participants in shouting slogans, “Mann Ki Baat, Mann Ki Baat”, “Modiji Zindabad”, etc. during the screening of Mann Ki Baat.

Soma Laishram has become the first Manipuri actress to tune the historic Mann Ki Baat with the people of Kangpokpi in the district.

Minister Nemcha Kipgen said that the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program is a reflection of Maan Ki Baat of crores of Indians while adding that it is an expression of their feeling.

“I am very much delighted to listen to the insightful thoughts of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Mann Ki Baat 100th episode with my people under my constituency at my residence”, the Minister added.

She also said that the PM’s flagship address, ‘Mann Ki Baat’ centennial edition was also tuned in by people from all the booths in Kangpokpi AC at different locations while conveying her heartfelt gratitude to Soma Laishram for joining the people of Kangpokpi AC in listening to the Mann Ki Baat.

The multi-talented actress Soma Laishram said it is my maiden visit to the beautiful Kangpokpi town and I feel extremely blessed and excited to be part of the people of Kangpokpi in tuning the PM’s Mann Ki Baat.

The down-to-earth glamorous Soma said, “Today is very special and memorable for me as on my maiden visit to this colorful town, I can also listen to the historic centennial episode of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat with the diverse communities of the town”.

“I am very happy, glad, and also honored to listen to the success story of every individual from every corner of the country during the 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat here at Kangpokpi”, asserted the renowned Manipuri actress.

The beautiful Soma, who is also a great singer, thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Mann Ki Baat initiative and for giving more courage and power to the people of the country.

Cladded in one of her favorites color black saree, the 2018 best actor (female) and 2022 best-supporting actor (female) awardee, Soma Laishram also mingles and interacts with the young students and takes photos with the people taking part in the Mann Ki Baat screening.

Minister Nemcha Kipgen and Soma Laishram also visited the screening of Mann Ki Baat at the Conference Hall, ADC Sadar Hills organized by ST Morcha BJP Kangpokpi under the aegis of ST Morcha BJP Manipur Pradesh.

ADC Sadar Hills Caretaker Chairman, Haokholal Hangshing, ST Morcha BJP Kangpokpi president Lunseh Kipgen, and various leaders of ST Morcha BJP Manipur Pradesh, and Karyakartas apart from noted personalities attended the event.
They shouted a slogan, “We Love Modiji”, “Mann Ki Baat, Mann Ki Baat”, etc.