LSBT remembers Maharaj Kulachandra

TMB Report

Imphal: Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple Board (LSBT) held a memorial for Maharaj Kulachandra, who inaugurated the Sanamahi Temple on April 26, 1891 (Sajibu 17 Panba), and presented it to the people of the state. On the anniversary of the temple’s inauguration, LSBT members paid floral tributes to a photo of Maharaj Kulachandra and paid respect to the late king.

Maisnam Shivadutta Luwang, member secretary of LSBT, assured attendees that the memorial will be held on a grander scale next year and that a statue of King Kulachandra will be erected as soon as possible. Luwang also noted that the Chief Minister, who serves as the President of the Board, has shown a keen interest in preserving the footprints of history left by our ancestors.

The memorial was held at the Sanagi Ningsing Sanggai of the Sanamahi Temple and was attended by the VC of Manipur University of Culture, Prof Paonam Gunindro. He described the day as emotional, as King Kulachandra had inaugurated the temple during a time of war before departing for Khagi Leibak. Gunindro reiterated that the record of the temple’s inauguration had been found in the India Office, London, and was clearly mentioned in the Cheitharol Kumbhaba.

The memorial was also attended by LSTB Vice President Vidyapati Senjam, Moirangthem Nauda Len Khomba, Dr Waikhom Romesh, Board members and staff, priests, priestesses, and other members of LSBT.