A Tech Driven Approach for Improving Dairy Farm Profitability

The dairy farming business in India is fast gaining importance and presents an immense potential to grow for many established as well as young entrepreneurs. When we look at the economics of the Indian dairy ecosystem with a holistic lens, we can understand the resistance of farmers to adopt the best practices that can drive their dairy business to greater profitability.
Especially, adoption of practices that are driven by technology, which may seem challenging to trust, for farmers who are highly rooted in generations of dairy farming experience bestowed to them.
However, for the dairy farming business to truly become an attractive source of revenue generation, tech enabled aggregation must be fundamental across the value chain.
Especially the one that can facilitate accurate or reliable data collection for the farmer to make
actionable decisions. One such enabling solution could be the implementation of ‘ration balancing’ via specialised digital tools.
As we know, for a dairy farmer, productivity is majorly dependent on cattle nutrition and complete health, which is largely derived from its feed and fodder management and overall living conditions.
Feed alone constitutes about 70% of the total cost incurred on dairy animal production. Therefore, in a dairy business, to operate profitably, the focus gets drawn to mitigate risks associated with the ‘cattle maintenance cost’.
Since food source is prime, providing a well-formulated nutritious feed for the cattle with new age tech enabled research; caring for their healthy growth and managing cattle’s reproductive capabilities along with a conducive natural habitat to live and prosper is critical.(Courtesy: The Financial Express)