Padmashree Sanathoi Sharma feted
Thang-Ta Guru, Kakchingtabam Sanathoi Sharma

TMB Report

Imphal: Thang-Ta Guru, Kakchingtabam Sanathoi Sharma who was recently awarded Padmashree by President of India was warmly received at Bir Tikendrajit International Airport on Friday.

Talking to media persons, Padmashree Kakchingtabam Sanathoi Sharma expressed his gratitude to the support of the people and appreciated the Indian government for giving him recognition in Thang-Ta which has been his passion and dream. 

He assured that he would continue to show his support and guide the students to preserve the art of Thang-Ta which is very much related with our art and culture till his last breath. 

He also stressed on the need of government’s support and stated that each and every person must learn Thang ta for discipline, good health, moral values and to show their bravery and courage through the martial art form. He noted that there is need to teach Thang ta in every school and also urged parents to support their children to learn Thang-Ta although they can choose their own profession in their future.