Grapes sour mentality and a toxic mindset are a lethal combination
Laimayum Bashanta Sharma, Spokesperson, BJP Manipur Pradesh

My take on a highly educated congress leader

One infamous congress leader who served as finance minister four times and also served as home minister during the UPA regime, a loyalist of the congress first family( resident of 10 Janpath), hailing from southern India, now a bailout because of a pending high-level corruption case said some days back while interacting with the media that inflation in UPA’s time was more than today. Most were in double digits. He accepted this not because he is fond of telling the truth. He is a vengeful man and wanted to humiliate the then finance minister Swargiya Shri Pranab Mukherjee. By the way, this was the same man who used to spy on Pranab da’s office when he was the Home Minister.

Well, this gentleman further said that inflation increased due to the relief package given by the then Congress-led UPA government at that time. When a counter question was asked on this that you were making the same demand to the Modi government also during the covid pandemic? So he said yes the package should have been given. Meaning, they wanted the government to fail to stop inflation so that they could take advantage of it.

You must remember that the Congress economists gang used to say at that time that the Modi government should start printing notes and distributing them to the people. Their so-called Harvard economists were at the forefront of this demand.

The Modi government kept its point and brought its food relief package which was worth Rupees 20 lakh crores. This was not some ordinary relief package but it was financial help to the people who were desperately in need of food assistance when the entire market was shut down. After the lockdown was lifted the market slowly limped back to normalcy taking more than a year. On the contrary, countries like America printed dollars in the name of the relief package and distributed them among the people. The account of 120 billion dollars was not even known to this day, where did it all go? Today the condition of these countries is such that inflation is out of control, the economy has collapsed and their banks have started sinking one by one. The domino effect of the Silicon Valley Bank shutdown has been felt in the United States of America and across the world including all major economies.
Think, if Prime Minister Modi had listened to such an expert Hayward-Kingfisher-educated economist (no pun intended) and worst for not listening to his disaster-written advice, he was calling PM Modi an uneducated Chaiwala! Imagine what would have happened to our banks, which were taken out of ICU after demonetisation already plagued with massive NPAs thanks to the UPA regime loan sanction over the phone call system at the behest of those offering the highest bribe money.

The RBI governor who has MA history as one of his many degrees was called names like unpad/illiterate by citing his MA history. Had the governor not worked on the government’s policy, today’s inflation would have again been in double digits and the interest rate would have also gone into double digits. The NPA of the bank would have increased again and people would have started withdrawing their money. For this reason, the world has appreciated India’s policy. Our RBI Governor has received the Best Governor Award for handling India’s economy in times when the world was hit by one of the worst pandemics in the history of mankind.

This is the reason why the opposition cannot corner this government on the economic front. They tried on numerous occasions, but when they failed miserably then they started fear-mongering tactics to spread panic among the public supporting a mega-hit job carried out by anti-India foreign entity-controlled banks against Gautam Adani that backfired and those banks who were partners in crime have been ruined instead of LIC and SBI that were targeted thus the hunter became the hunted. If the opposition spin theorists like this corrupt gentleman do not get anything, he and his friends will start GST aka Gabbar Singh Tax jibes once again like his master Pappu. The pain of demonetisation is such that they started pointing out that since it was a big failure from their perspective the government should start doing demonetisation 2, demonetisation 3, or even demonetisation 4 on any petty issue. These thieves wanted to stick to just one issue repeatedly so that they can say that we are only little thieves but Modi is the bigger thief. Unfortunately, they always failed miserably. When no issue to target the government is available, these thieves will start fuel and LPG gas rate hike rona dhona and their favorite mahengai ne kamar tod di protest as expected.

(The writer is the Spokesperson of BJP Manipur Pradesh)