5 features Maruti Suzuki Brezza has, Fronx misses out

New cars have a host of comfort and convenience features and in most cases, they become the deciding factor. With more mass market cars getting features such as sunroofs, infotainment systems, and connected car tech, it becomes a deal-breaker when cars don’t have it.

Take for example the Maruti Suzuki Brezza, which saw a major update recently. The Brezza got a host of external and internal updates, even getting a sunroof for the first time. Then came the Fronx at the Auto Expo and when people finally have an alternative to the Brezza from the same carmaker, a few omitted features suddenly become the deciding factor.

Here are 5 features that the Maruti Suzuki Brezza has, but the new Fronx misses out on. Although misused a lot in India, sunroofs have become a most sought-after feature in a vehicle. Maruti Suzuki finally gave the Brezza a sunroof with the recent update, however, has missed the same for the Fronx.

Understandably, Maruti Suzuki wants the Brezza to be a premium offering compared to the Fronx, as both are sold through the carmaker’s different channels, and both are SUVs (crossovers) as well. Seatbelts are the most important safety features in a car which provide the first line of defence when things go south.

However, if the seatbelt does not fit right, it can cause more harm than good. In this regard, the Brezza gets height-adjustable seatbelts, but the Fronx misses out on this. However, before coming to a conclusion, the Fronx gets height-adjustable seats, which solves the problem.

This can be a bummer to many wondering why Maruti Suzuki skipped out on fog lamps when entry-level cars get it, and more importantly, the Brezza. There could be two possible reasons — one, to cut costs, and two, the placement of the head-lamps.