KSO-SH rebuts PAPP, cautions against provoking communal sentiment
KSO-SH rebuts PAPP, cautions against provoking communal sentiment

TMB Report

KANGPOKPI : The Kuki Students’ Organization Sadar Hills strongly reacted and accosted the rebuttal of the alleged self-styled People’s Alliance for Peace and Progress (PAPP) Manipur over KSO-GHQ on certain points today.

KSO Sadar Hills Department of Information and Publicity stated that the student body considered the rebuttal of PAPP Manipur over KSO-GHQ as absurd and mockery as it has no logic and is wildly unreasonable.

It stated that the KSO-GHQ had condemned how Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had acted differently upon one community to another within the state and PAPP, Manipur much to the dismay of the people in its rebuttal portrayed the Chief Minister as a CM for a certain community only. It asked PAPP Manipur if Chief Minister N. Biren Singh is for the state because he is backed up solely by the organization and stated that it felt communal tone and partiality was being created.

While advising PAPP Manipur and clarifying over some points made earlier in its statement, KSO Sadar Hills claimed that Haraothel village was not established in 1992 adding that the organisation is not aware about the fact they should pay a visit to the village and see the document themself.

“If the Kukis are refugees then Meetei too is also a refugee who migrated from China as migration is an integral human nature across all races”, it added.

The student body appealed to recognized civil society organizations like UCM, AMUCO, etc. to look after such an alleged unknown and self-styled organization to avoid peaceful coexistence and disruption of harmony in the state which otherwise can lead to a communal flare on silly matters among the diverse communities.

KSO Sadar Hills also urged Chief Minister N. Biren Singh to relook at how he dealt with the hill peoples and the Kuki community in particular for the last four and half years under his leadership and ponder whether things are functioning smoothly while handling his people.

It further stated that KSO Sadar Hills has been closely monitoring and watching the steps taken up by some organizations for the past 2 years and ‘we, unfortunately, witnessed such organizations are more excessive in distorting the history of the Kukis for which we are compelled to come up with the statement’.